Sunday, June 11, 2006


That accident that stopped traffic on our way over had three fatalities including a pregnant teenager. I am feeling sad about the fact that I was so annoyed with the whole incident. People died and I was merely inconvenienced. It really makes you think. If we had left any earlier it could have been us in that accident.

Evan now has a shiner thanks to his cousin. We went to my husband's brother's house to spend a bit of time with them. We are not too fond of them and the life choices they make but we are cordial. Evan was playing with his cousin when the cousin took Evan's arm and pushed him into a rocking chair. He apologized after but I was still a little gumpy about the whole incident even though I know that when you get two toddlers together things like this happen. It also looks so bad only because of Evan being on blood thinners.

My sister-in-law makes me feel like an over protective parent. I was getting very antsy when Evan wandered off with his cousins in the yard. I try not to obsess but I just feel so much better when I can see him. I did give Harry a toy that had fallen on the ground much to my SIL's chagrin so I guess I am not too obsessive.

Tomorrow I go to get my hair chopped off. I am very tired of having Harry grabbing my hair and it is so hot during the summer that I like to have a shorter cut.


Zephra said...

Getting my hair cut was one of the best things I ever did. I am so much happier and the perm means I only spend 5 minutes if that fixing it.

I agree that the kids need to be watched aspecially is one of them is a aggressor. I was a little tickled because you said that you gave him a toy that had fallen on the ground...Last night Zak and a little neighbor boy his age had a good time eating ice off the ground. Different people parent different ways and it seems the more kids you have, the less worried about those things you get. Do what you think is right and screw what she thinks.

Jennifer said...

It's very hard not to be over-protective, I think. Whenever I decide to just let things go, one of my kids ends up hurt! LOL. (But not really funny...)

Have fun with the haircut!