Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It is paranoia if there are really people out to get you?

My husband is a complete and utter wierdo sometimes, well actually a lot of the time. He is totally convinced that some how I have done something to one of our computer games so that it favors me over him. Chuzzle is a fun but simple puzzle game. It is best played when tired because if you over think moves you don't do as well. I of course am frequently tired so I tend to do well.

We have the full version on our computer which means that our high scores are recorded for all to see. I bet you can guess who owns the high score board. My husband can briefly get on it now and then but I am able to quickly stomp that score down. I think the competition makes me a better and more motivated player.

We brought the game with us when we were on vacation and my husband swears that he beat my high score on my parent's computer. That is the basis of his claim that I have tampered with the program. As if! First off I am in no way a computer programmer. I would not know my way around the code. It has tempted me to look online to see if there are cheat codes for this game. I would love to really mess with his paranoid mind.

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Zephra said...

Sore looser!