Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Pictures from our trip

Hanging out on the hotel bed after a long day of travel.

The make shift IV stand that we had to make do with in the morning so that Evan could have his tube feed.

Checking out my parent's living room. Evan tried to roll the cannon replica but it was way to heavy for him to move. He had to try though.

Harry enjoying the Jumperoo that Evan was playing in last time we visited Grandma and Grandpa.

Evan trying to chase the geese at a local park. He even had fun throwing the bread that we used to feed the geese. Some were cheeky enough to get very close to us.

Honk! honk!

Evan getting ready for the Scottish festival.

Evan playing with the beads that were passed out to festival attendees. He didn't even have to lift his shirt to get them! What you can't tell from this picture is that it is pouring rain outside and Evan is actually walking on a table top. We had a wild time.

Harry trying to eat his Auntie.

The knee was too big of a bite so he went for the nose.

"Hmmm, maybe instead of being eaten I should turn the tables and eat him!"

One of the ratlings. Evan adored them but they were not too sure about Evan.

There are more pictures but the kids are awake from naps so I will post more later.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back. Love the pics of Harry eating his Auntie.

Nancy Evans said...
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cmhl said...

love the nose bite!!!! they are cuties..

Anonymous said...

cute little baby. He reminds me of a cabbage patch kid!