Tuesday, February 07, 2012

More pictures and some blathering

My mother has given up facebook (for a hilariously funny reason that I will not embarrass her by saying) so I shall be posting more pictures on here. I have been neglecting this blog horribly, so maybe this will spur me to be more active here. Facebook has made me lazy because there is no need to spend time composing an entry with a decent length, it is all small snippets of feelings and information.

One thing that having a baby girl has done for me is inspire me to get my craft on. I have been making cloth flower hair clips and ribbon bows for Lily. I just hope that as she gains more control of her hands that she does not end up ripping them out of her hair (or in her case off her head since they are attached to a headband). It would be a shame for me to finally get a girl child only to have one that will not let me fix her hair. It is bad enough that Daniel had this gloriously beautiful red curly hair that I can't do a thing with since he is a boy. I am going to eventually have to trim it or he is going to get called a girl.