Saturday, June 10, 2006

But it is a dry heat

I am dying here. I have never enjoyed warm climates so one would think that I would be wise enough to avoid the heat of summer in Utah. My dislike of heat started when I was young. We lived a few years in Oklahoma and I would get horrible nose bleeds in the summer if I was out in the heat of the day.

My parents have air conditioning but because they want to have the smallest possible energy bill they keep it set at 80 degrees. I sympathize because our first married apartment had central air and we had some huge bills just cooling a two bedroom apartment but I am also secretly wishing that they would crank that sucker to 60 degrees. What really kills me is that my sisters are wearing sweat shirts and huddling under blankets because the house is so "cold". Maybe I am just wired or something but there is no way that I am feeling the least bit cold right now.

To make things worse, normally bone dry Utah is being very humid because of the thunder storms that have been happening on and off all day. The humidity only adds to my misery. I think that if we ever moved to the south I would be in big trouble. I have decided that I am probably only going to be perfectly comfortable in Alaska. Nice cold winters followed by reasonable and short Summers. The next best thing to that is the wonderful Northern California weather.


Zephra said...

When we moved to Mississippi from Chicago the weather was the biggest shock to my system. I had no idea it could ever get that hot. Texas is even hotter.

Gina said...

Well, I was going to say that I was hoping you were having a good time, but it seems the weather is preventing a bit of that.

There is nothing worse than heat and high humidity. I hate it when the weather refuses to cooperate with my vacation!