Friday, July 30, 2010

A moment of slience please....

.... for the household items that lost their lives in this move. The casualties are mounting thanks to careless packers and drivers that wanted to save some space.

This has been a hard move for our furniture, nothing has escaped with out some sort of battle scar. It is a good we have mostly solid wood furniture or we might not have anything that survived. I will post pictures once the house does not look like a bomb exploded in it... which may be never.

Friday, July 23, 2010

We haz house!

Now all we need is our stuff. We have arrived at out new home and are settling in. I have begun the process of making new friends and otherwise getting settled in. I just wish I had my stuff with me to make life that much simpler. We are supposed to be getting it on Wed and I am counting down the hours.

My husband's job turned out not to be the one he thought he was getting, it is a much more exciting one (for him) that he had thought. It is a posting that is highly sought after so he had just assumed that he was put in one of the less desirable one, but apparently the other applicants were not acceptable for one reason or another. Most days he will work the normal hours but there is going to be random and unpredictable travel involved, up to 30 days of it at times. Part of the confusion developed because most of his unit is actually away at the moment. I am not looking forward to the times he is away but I have been rather spoiled his last two assignments.

The weather here is amazing!!! It gets chilly at night and really wish that I had remembred to bring a sweat shirt or something. There is a playground steps away from our back yard and there is also a rather nice playground with in walking distance in town. The town itself is a small one, but packed with important things. There is a library, post office and a book store with in easy walking distance. The main deficiency is that there is not a decent (ie non touristy) grocery store in the area. We have to drive about a half hour over twisty roads away to get decent shopping.

My neighbors are nice and friendly. I was reassured that the local school was excellent and that there was a preschool in town for Harry to attend. My ward is nice and happy to have our children to help fill up the shrinking primary.

I will write more once we get unpacked and settled in.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010


We are in California.

The move was crazy thanks to the weather taking a warm turn. My husband handled the movers and I got to wrangle the kids. We got a motel which was nice since we needed a place for the kids to nap during the day when all the hubbub was going on.

We had a semi eventful trip to Utah. My husband picked a long but more direct rout which meant we took longer to get there than we really should have. Daniel kept things fun by having a diaper blowout early on in the trip. I don't think the car seat will ever be the same. We had a nice stay with my family and the weather was amazing which was a nice change from the awful humidity of Kansas.

The trip to California was made eventful by my husband yet again deciding on a more direct route. If he had been headed to our new home things would have been hunky dory but since we are visiting with my inlaws we got a more "fun" route. The roads were insanely twisty and turny. I could not even hand back snacks to the kids after we left the main route across Nevada. Poor Daniel threw up because he got so car sick. We are never ever going that way again... ever, ever, ever again!

In a few weeks we will be headed south and getting settled in our new home.