Saturday, December 11, 2010


I haven't had too much time to play with my camera as my husband just got the memory card last night, but here are a few shots for the Grandparents.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010


December has been kicking my butt! We were going to put up our tree last weekend only to have my husband spend the weekend out of town in readiness for an impending boat crash that never happened. I am glad that it did not happen because right now the last thin the environment needs is yet another oil spill. One of the head lights in my van was out so on Monday I treked to town to get a replacement and do my grocery shopping early. Today was Evan's dental filling and Harry puked in the car on the way home from an errand with my husband (I am so thankful that it was not my van and that my husband was the one it happened to so I got to avoid the wort of the barf cleanup). Tomorrow is going to be filled with a sick and likely cranky Harry who is stuck at home. I am sure the future has a lot of fun things planned for me.

Evan was super good for his filling. I was glad it went smoothly. They gave him a numbing reversal so by the time we got back in town his mouth was back to normal and he could go to school. It was cute to see how excited his classmates were to see him when I dropped him off. I can't help but secretly worry that his differences will make him unlikable and it is nice to see that he is well liked by his classmates and that he has special friends in his class.

I did get a fun surprise today. The special errand that ended in puking was partly to get me my Christmas present. I got a new digital camera (something we have been considering for awhile). The funny/sad thing is that it is a billion times better than the old one (which is 7 years old) and cost about half of what we payed for our old one. I am going to have to play around with all the shiny buttons and post the results here once I get a memory card for it. The one from the old camera does not fit.