Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer break

We are settling into our summer routine. Evan is going to have an extra long summer this year thanks to the move so I want to keep some structure going or I will likely want to strangle him by the end of summer. We do schoolwork after lunch, nothing too major but enough to keep Evan in practice.

I really miss the morning quiet time that I used to get when the kids were at school and Daniel was napping. Now whenever I do anything I am interrogated by Harry who has appointed himself the house know it all. He has actually insisted on examining the contents of my mouth when he has suspected me of eating something that he might like.

I am struggling with transitioning Daniel off the bottle. Daniel is very resistant to change and while he can drink out of a sippy cup he won't. The novelty has worn off and unless I hold the cup to his mouth he will not drink from it. We are also having issues moving from baby food to finger food. He won't let me feed him much (except yogurt) but is ultra picky about what he will feed himself. He will not eat much meat to speak of and veggies never cross his lips. Luckily he does drink some milk so he does consume some protein and the cereal he eats (again he is very picky about which ones he will eat) are all fortified. I managed to get him to eas some humus by dipping some cheese crackers into it and not giving him anything he liked better.

I know that Daniel will eventually get better with the eating, but it is a bit frustrating trying to get him to consume a somewhat balanced meal. We as parents get so invested in what they eat at this age.

Friday, May 21, 2010


This month has been stuffed full of events. We had a wave of illness that also coincided with the end of the school year. So I got a nice pile of laundry among other things to help distract me from the sadness of the end of school. The weather has also been rather damp, so the beginning of summer break has not been all that thrilling either.

Below is a picture of Evan with his "girlfriends" who both loved to hold his had as he walked down the hall. One of them even drew him pictures.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Hippo birdy two ewe Daniel!

Today was Daniel's first birthday and we made an effort to make sure it was a fun day for him. We went to the zoo and had a blast!

Giraffes are totally rad!

Harry chasing a squirrel up a tree.


I loves de fishes!

The gorilla was out which thrilled the boys.

Petting the goat was a lot of fun! I thought I had a really funny video of the boys talking to and petting this goat, but I hit the wrong button and ended up only recording myself putting the camera away. Bummer!


The boys in the bear chair. This is Evan's love me pose.

This is Harry's My Name is Earl pose.

This is Daniel's Dr Evil pose.

Daniel playing chew and show with the pizza we bought for lunch.

Daniel lunging for the cake, he liked the candle.

Here is a video of Daniel noming his cake.

Here is a bonus video of Daniel being a silly little boy