Friday, August 20, 2010


Apparently a company thinks I am full of crap because they wanted to send me coupons to what basically amounts to a laxative. They slapped a fancy name on it and the claim on the website was that it did not make you sit on the toilet all day, but still the intent behind the product was to "cleanse" your colon. So if any of you are feeling crappy let me know and I will hook you up ;)

Monday, August 16, 2010


I have been making progress with the boxes and with getting settled into our new area. I attended a welcome party for the spouses association in my area. It was nice to meet so many friendly people. I also got a chance to get to know some of the wives that live near me in housing better. It is still a bit strange knowing that all my neighbors are working for the same place.

Harry has been a bit of a brat of late. I am sure that he is just feeling the stress of the move but it is still irritating to have him acting out. I started giving him the choice to act good or bad. I would lay out the consequences for him being bad and continuing the naughty behavior and then ask him if he wanted be good or continue being naughty and get the consequences of that. So far it seems to be stopping the temper tantrums, although he is still ripping toys out of his brother's hands and other general naughty things. At least I can get him to go to his room when he is being punished with out having to drag him there myself.

I think that toddler is my favorite stage. They are a hoot to hang around and they do not talk back quite yet, although Daniel will jabber scold me if I am not paying attention to him. Toddlers are also super easy to entertain. I have no idea why we have fancy toys when he is happy playing with a cardboard box and other items out of our recycling bin (don't worry we have one of those fancy can openers that does not leave a sharp edge).

I plan on taking some pictures one of these days and hopefully I can find the cord to my camera.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Chugging along

I am alive still just very busy. We finally got a phone set up (got Vonnage since the local phone company was highway robbery) so I don't have to walk into town every time I want to make a phone call. That saves me a lot of time but it means I am exercising less. My dryer is now fixed so I am now doing laundry. The last appliance that needs to be put into working order is my dishwasher and that will require a new kitchen faucet. My husband was not thrilled at the amount of time that he would be spending doing the change over but when I pointed out the fact that I was having to hand wash dishes several times a day just to keep the sink clear he saw the wisdom of keeping his wife happy.

I need to take pictures of our new home but since I have not yet located the camera downloading cord thingy it is rather pointless. It is funny how many things are misplaced and how many things I have found again thanks to the shake up of all our stuff.

Monday, August 02, 2010

feeling out of sorts

I am feeling kind of frustrated right now. There are still so many boxes to unpack but so little time to actually do it in. I just want the boxes gone and the stuff magically put away. I don't want much do I?

It really is amazing how much my mood is affected by being in a crowded and cluttered house. I almost had the downstairs whipped into shape and all the boxes out of sight when my husband decided that he had to empty the storage room about an hour and a half before church. Instantly my mood went downhill from there. Not only were the kids distracted by what was mainly boxes of toys but having a ton of boxes impeding my ability to even leave my own house was disturbing. this morning I shoved them all back in *grumble at my husband and suppress urge to murder* and now I am feeling more cheerful.

I just have to keep plugging away at the clutter and hope that the kids don't hinder me too much and hopefully soon I will have a neat and somewhat organized house.