Sunday, June 04, 2006

But will it bloom?

My husband got some orchids about a year ago. A coworker was giving away part of his collection and my husband got two plants, kind of on a whim. My husband is a huge plant lover so we have an odd collection of greenery. He just can't seem to pass up a new or different plant. I was doubtful about the orchids since I was not sure we had room for them or even a place with half way decent lighting.

My husband finally convinced me that we should put them in our room with an old fish tank acting as a bit of a terrium (fish tanks are another of our hobbies) to help keep the humidity up. I was very hesitant since I was not sure that there would be enough light and I just was not sure that he had the finesse that it took to even grow orchids in the first place. I had witnessed my mother kill many orchids before she found her groove with them so I was pretty sure that these would bite the dust.

I was looking at them today as I was packing up for my vacation and I noticed that they were putting up flower spikes. That showed me that my husband, despite my doubts, had the orchid touch. It is not difficult to just keep a plant alive, if they have the bare minimums they will cling on to life. The true test is if you can get the plant to bloom. That shows that the plant has the right amount of every thing and has the energy to reproduce. I am excited to see the blooms and I am happy that I was wrong about my husband's endeavor.


Melodee said...

Wow! I read a book called "The Orchard Thief" once, so I'm duly impressed!

Gina said...

It just goes to show those men can surprise us, even when we think we know them!