Saturday, August 04, 2012


It is amazing me how fast Lily is growing.  Those first few months seem to last so long because of sleep deprivation but once you get some sleep under your belt you can look back and see how that they are over in a blink of an eye.  I had been intending on babying Lily just a bit longer but she is eagerly growing up so fast.  Baby food was quickly discarded in favor of chopped up bits of what we were eating.  This kid will eat just about anything with gusto.  One of her favorite snacks is canned green beans and peas but she also likes some crazy spicy things like chicken with buffalo sauce.

Lily rocking her first hand knit item made by me.  I already have another sweater on the needles, it is filled with delicious cables.

Someone may be learning how to knit, EZ is a great choice to start with.

Look who is standing!

First trip to the beach

At Evan's baptisim

The whole family

My big boy!  He was rather nervous about being dunked but didn't start freaking out or anything so it was not too traumatizing :P

Gap toothed Harry
She is ready to pick out her first project