Monday, April 09, 2012

Just because

Lily is slowly warming up to the idea that baths can be fun and one does not need to scream the whole time that one is in the tub.

But she still screams up a storm when I have to leave the room to grab something I forgot.

My two companions at home during the day.

 Sometimes they even entertain each other.

Danny the bunny.  Bunnies say "Rawr!"

Harry got one of Lily's hair bows and put it in his hair and of course Danny wanted one too.  What a bunch of goofy brothers.

It is hard to get a serious picture around here.

Mom picks out the most tasty dresses.

What?  You want a picture of my face with out a dress stuffed in it?

There you go!

 Oh, all right, I will put it down.

You so silly mommy!

Harry wanted me to take a picture of him and his monster truck.  For posterity I guess.