Saturday, August 04, 2012


It is amazing me how fast Lily is growing.  Those first few months seem to last so long because of sleep deprivation but once you get some sleep under your belt you can look back and see how that they are over in a blink of an eye.  I had been intending on babying Lily just a bit longer but she is eagerly growing up so fast.  Baby food was quickly discarded in favor of chopped up bits of what we were eating.  This kid will eat just about anything with gusto.  One of her favorite snacks is canned green beans and peas but she also likes some crazy spicy things like chicken with buffalo sauce.

Lily rocking her first hand knit item made by me.  I already have another sweater on the needles, it is filled with delicious cables.

Someone may be learning how to knit, EZ is a great choice to start with.

Look who is standing!

First trip to the beach

At Evan's baptisim

The whole family

My big boy!  He was rather nervous about being dunked but didn't start freaking out or anything so it was not too traumatizing :P

Gap toothed Harry
She is ready to pick out her first project

Monday, April 09, 2012

Just because

Lily is slowly warming up to the idea that baths can be fun and one does not need to scream the whole time that one is in the tub.

But she still screams up a storm when I have to leave the room to grab something I forgot.

My two companions at home during the day.

 Sometimes they even entertain each other.

Danny the bunny.  Bunnies say "Rawr!"

Harry got one of Lily's hair bows and put it in his hair and of course Danny wanted one too.  What a bunch of goofy brothers.

It is hard to get a serious picture around here.

Mom picks out the most tasty dresses.

What?  You want a picture of my face with out a dress stuffed in it?

There you go!

 Oh, all right, I will put it down.

You so silly mommy!

Harry wanted me to take a picture of him and his monster truck.  For posterity I guess.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I haz new computer!!!  It is total hotness and I love it a lot.  My husband is jealous of it since he short changed himself with the laptop he bought not too long ago.  I love him but sometimes he scrimps and saves on the wrong things.  We like to play World of Warcraft together and his graphics card was a cheap one so he has to crank his settings down to the minimum.  It was like walking around with out my glasses when I was playing on his computer.  My new one on the other hand can handle the highest settings in the most graphics intensive scenarios and it laughs.  That was the one thing I was insistent on is that I got a good graphics card in my computer.

My husband ended up getting a kit (some of the parts were already installed in a case) and then adding the rest of the parts we needed in, so it is a partial home built computer.  It is nice being married to an IT guy that can hook a girl up with a nice computer when hers breaks.  My husband is planning on trying to fix up the dead computer, just imagine him fixing up a junker car and you get the idea.  I figure it takes up less space than a car and will hopefully be cheaper.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Good things bad things

Last week was parent teacher conference week at school. I skipped Evan because we ended up having a big let's all get on the same page meeting with his team to get him more independent in school. I think they really got on board with the idea of trying to treat him like he is any other 2ond grader with still making allowances where needed.

Harry's meeting was great. He is very advanced in a lot of areas, his teacher was completely amazed at his grasp of the calender. I attribute that to me having to repeat things over and over again to Evan (he understands the calender but still likes to ask questions repeatedly to make sure answers do not change I guess). Socially I see a lot of me in him. He is friendly and helpful but does not seem to have any special friends in his class. There has been some trouble on the bus with two boys that like to tease him until he gets mad and yells or even tries to switch seats mid ride which freaks out the bus driver and gets Harry in trouble and not the kids doing the teasing. If this persists I may get my stink eye out and talk to the kids myself which will hopefully scare them straight. I would say talk to the parents but I happen to know that the parents in question barely speak English and my Spanish is horribly rusty.

My computer decided to die on me after an annoying operating system upgrade. My husband got a free copy of windows 7 through one of his classes and we had hoped that it would solve some ongoing issues that we had been having. Instead the mother board seems to have shorted out leaving me to have to share my husband's lap top which has made both of us grumpy. Everyone is always dumping tons of crap on my desk and my husband had the nerve to growl at me for leaving a drink at his desk. I got him back though by scoring an impossibly high score on a game he likes to play, so now every time he plays it on his computer he gets to see my name at the top of the list. He keeps asking me to look at the specs of the computers he is looking at and I keep asking him to find me a pink one with sparkles on the case.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Cute baby is cute and Happy birthday Evan!

It is hard to believe that Evan is 8 already. How did time fly by so fast? We had a small party with a few of his close friends (who all happen to be girls). I made him a clock cake because he had become pretty obsessed with clocks of late.

Here are some pictures of my cute kids. Daniel and Lily had some fun playing with the Legos that Evan and Harry left out.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

More pictures and some blathering

My mother has given up facebook (for a hilariously funny reason that I will not embarrass her by saying) so I shall be posting more pictures on here. I have been neglecting this blog horribly, so maybe this will spur me to be more active here. Facebook has made me lazy because there is no need to spend time composing an entry with a decent length, it is all small snippets of feelings and information.

One thing that having a baby girl has done for me is inspire me to get my craft on. I have been making cloth flower hair clips and ribbon bows for Lily. I just hope that as she gains more control of her hands that she does not end up ripping them out of her hair (or in her case off her head since they are attached to a headband). It would be a shame for me to finally get a girl child only to have one that will not let me fix her hair. It is bad enough that Daniel had this gloriously beautiful red curly hair that I can't do a thing with since he is a boy. I am going to eventually have to trim it or he is going to get called a girl.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lilyzilla or life with a little girl that is not so little

Lily has been smashing all my preconceived notions about what her infancy would be like. I had assumed that she would be like the boys only you know as a girl. She is a bit of a diva and is doing things her way.

Car seats and drives were a great way to relax the boys. Lily will often scream for hours when forced to endure time in her car seat. This has gotten better of late but made for very miserable Thanksgiving and Christmas trips up to Grandma and Grandpa's house. I don't have the option of staying home or short trips because we live far from shopping so when we need supplies it is an ordeal.

Growth has been another eye opener. I had big babies that had slow but steady growth. All the boys would change cloths right around the month the clothing label said they were for. At four months Lily is in 6-9 month clothing. It is a good thing that I shopped ahead thanks to all the amazing stuff I have been finding at the thrift stores (it is becoming an addiction to me).

Sleep is the biggest difference of all. Very early on the boys were sleeping a good 12 hours at night. I would put them in bed around 7 and they would wake up around 7. Not Lily! She goes down around 7 but will wake up any time between 3am to about 5:30. After her feeding there is no way she is going back to bed until she has had some party time for a good few hours. She was also waking up in the middle of the night for feedings much later than the boys did.

She is proving that she does not want to be like her brothers and she wants to shake things up a bit.