Saturday, November 12, 2005


I am awake at a time when I should be asleep. The itchies are getting me again and benedryl is not doing a thing for me, it is not even knocking me out like it should.

I did not get to spend much time playing with Evan today. We went to Costco for our big monthly stock up session which was much bigger due to the holidays that are upcoming. Evan got his lunch thanks to the free samples that were being passed out. His first word was fish and it is also his favorite food. This kid will chow down and eat a ton of the stuff. Too bad that he can't be consistent with that eating and get off of his feeding tube.

Nap time was nice. I got a pretty good rest although when my darling husband started tromping in and out of the house while messing with our tiny garden making it hard to get back to sleep. I was napping downstairs because I did not want to oversleep and miss my ultrasound appointment.

They make you come in a half hour before your actual appointment. I think it is for torture purposes because they also want you to have a full bladder for the procedure. I can drink a thimble full of water and get a full bladder but they insist on three eight ounce glasses. I blew that one off because I did not want to end up peeing my pants on the way there.

Then I ended up waiting for a long time because there was no waiting at admitting and the ultrasound person was running behind. If I had been prepared I would have brought a book but instead I read a three year old edition of Good Housekeeping and listened to two kids going through a catalog saying "I want that and that and that."

Luckily everything is fine. I have a large baby inside that has plenty of amniotic fluid to squirm around in. I fell asleep in front of the TV after dinner which is why I am awake right now. I hate it when I do that but I can't help it. I am a huge whale and laying down is about the only position that feels good long term. Ooo I just yawned, maybe I am boring myself into sleep. Better take advantage of the situation.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I am in pregnancy hell

Ok maybe I am exaggerating a bit but I will be so glad when this one is over. Right now I am in the throes of a symptom that is new to me, itching. I had thought I was having a bout of exceptionally dry skin or something but after talking to other women that have been there done that I know that it is yet another fun thing that pregnancy can spring on you. It is always the worst at night so sleeping can be fun, I find myself scratching in my sleep.

I keep meaning to ask my OB what to do about it but he keeps distracting me with other worries so I forget. This time it was when I was going to have my c-section. I had everything set up for the 28th but as I am measuring huge and all that fun stuff he decided to go earlier and the big day will be the 22nd. I had hoped to have a decent and very quiet meal with family for Thanksgiving but that is in question because that is the day theoretically I will be released from the hospital. Fun huh?

I guess no pregnancy for me can end the way it is supposed to. Hopefully this will be the extent of the suprises. I want to have a normal child that will come home from the hospital at a normal time. The big question that has no real answer is what is a normal child? I don't think I will ever know and it is time for me to go to bed any way.