Thursday, May 31, 2007

Awesome Mom is new and improved!

It was brought to my attention that I did not have a site feed enabled. My lovely web guru Chelle fixed that right up and now you can subscribe to Awesome Mom and find out when new posts are up. This is how I now read blogs and it used to save me a lot of time until I started to subscribing to more and more blogs. Be warned! lol!

On another note, the mystery behind the disappearance of one of my favorite medical bloggers Flea has been solved. It really goes to show that you really have to be careful if you wish to maintain your secret blogging identity and you can't write about sensitive things assuming that no one knows who you are. The ease of discovery is the biggest reason why I hardly mention anything about my husband's work. I would hate to be the one that gets him fired because I can't keep my big mouth shut. Just something to think about. At least we now know that Flea was who he claimed to be on his blog.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


When most people hear the word beach they think of something like this:

When I hear the word beach I think of something more along the lines of this:

My sisters decided that they would like to visit the beach today so we all bundled up and went to play in the sand. It was the first time in a while and Harry was very uncertain about the whole walking in sand thing. In fact most of the time he was positively grumpy and would not play in the sand unless coaxed. Evan had a blast and ended up getting wet when a rogue wave tripped him while he was trying to run away from it in horror. That ended the day because mommy, who thought she had brought everything except the kitchen sink, had not brought a change of clothing for the kids. Silly mommy!

Evan trying out the hole that they dug. He tried to fill it in while he was still in it.

Harry giving his auntie a kiss while she was buried in the hole.

Going to check out the waves.

A sad little boy. He was mad that I left his side to take pictures of Evan. He also wanted me to open the cheese for him.

Monday, May 28, 2007


Today is a day of remembrance. Most people think of today as a fun day off of work and it is, but it is also a day to remember those that have helped keep this country free.

Just this week I met my mother's half brother for the first time in probably about 20 years. He is in the same branch of the military as my husband. He came down to my husband's base for some training and we met up with him. It was a very interesting encounter. He had been a reservist for a great many years. After September 11th he was being called up so much that he eventually decided to become active duty military. He served in the Persian Gulf several times and he also helped out after Hurricane Katrina.

Meeting him again kind of drove home the fact that despite what we may think about the war that is happening right now, the people that are serving over there truly need our support. The military is filled with a lot of good people trying to keep the world safe for their family. They want to make an honest living doing something that will make a difference. They have to deal with crazy bosses and odd coworkers just like people in the civilian world. It just kills me when I read about people vilifying our military and the people serving in it.

Please take a moment today to remember why you have this day off of work. Please look beyond the hype in the media about what is happening over there.

I also want to wish my sister E (now officially dubbed Annie Pompom by Evan) a happy birthday. She and my sister L have come over for a visit which is why my blogging had been a bit spotty.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Weekend fun

Have you ever wondered how to predict if you child will do well on the SATs? Just measure their fingers. There is a lot of fun to be had with knitting. Have you ever wanted your own ninja? I have. Here is a fun game to play, What is your best score?

Friday, May 25, 2007

We have a winner!!

......Summer is the Queen of Poop! Email me with your address, so I can get you your prize. I want to send a big thank you to all the participants with their really crappy (tee hee) stories.

If you want to have another chance to win something head over to Karen's blog PediScribe. She is running a very easy and fun contest for an amazon gift certificate. Karen took over the blog from her husband (a pediatrician and podcaster extrodinare) a few months ago and has really added new life to it. He still posts now and then on topics of interest to parents but mostly is is all her (except for that brief time where her cat took over the blog while the humans were on vacation). I consider her a very good blog friend and one of the many bloggers I would love to meet in real life some day. Go forth and win!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Who is the queen of poop (revised)

We had a couple of late entries and they were just too funny to pass up. I am going to start voting over again to include these stories.

The first story is by Vicky. She tells an amusing story of her husband changing her first son's diaper while they were still in the hospital. Guinevere tells us of the peril of leaving your child diaper less. I learned that lesson well. Finally we have Summer who writes about an unfortunate combination of a power outage and a massive diaper leakage. Next up is Damselfly with a tale of horror (her mother's). What happens when you have a husband with a weak stomach? Jessica knows.

Vote using the poll

With every fiber of my being (A contest)

Scroll down for new posts.

A mother's obsession with poop starts early. As her digestive system slows during pregnancy an unfortunate side effect is irregularity. Then, once the tiny infant is in your arms, your obsession kicks into high gear and never seems to entirely leave you. That is why I jumped at the chance to review two new Metamucil products that now out in stores.

The first one is called Berry Burst and it supposed to be a delicious drink that is a tasty way to keep you regular and in theory helps reduce your cholesterol. I will not even go in to the cholesterol claims, the science behind these claims are becoming a bit shaky. The delicious drink part of the equation is just not there at all. I am not even sure how this product made it to market. First off there is the artificial sweetener taste to get over. I hate artificial sweetener and the awful aftertaste but still decided to give this drink a fair try. The packaging claimed that the drink had a smooth texture and I agreed, if you compare drinking dirt to drinking this it is smooth. However, if you are a drinker of beverages like water or juice you will find it very gritty. The fiber also has an aftertaste all it's own that when combined with the artificial sweetener aftertaste makes this drink undrinkable if you are the owner of a set of taste buds. Don't buy it, you will be wasting your money.

The next product is called Fibersure. Essentially it is very much like Benefibre. Mixes well in liquids, lives up to it's claims of having no discernible taste and works like a charm. If you are worried that your kids are not getting the fiber they need from their diet of chicken nuggets and cheese it is a snap to sneak this into their milk or any other kind of drink they like. They will never know the difference. It is a bit tricky mixing this in cold liquids, you have to stir a lot, but it is worth it in the end (tee hee).

Now for the contest. I was going to give away your very own set of these products but since I was less than thrilled with the first one I will not be giving fiber away. Instead you are vying for a $20 iTunes gift card(which you don't have to have an iPod to use, you can download iTunes and listen to the music on your computer). All I want from you is for you to blog about your best (or most horrific depending on how you look at it) kid poop story (this child does not even have to be related to you). Link to this contest (so that we can spread the word) and then put the link to your post in the comment section of this post. You have until Wednesday to write your post. Then I will pick the top three and you will get to vote on which one you like best and that person will be the winner. Go forth and write!

Harry took a shine to the fiber containers. He actually took this one upstairs with him for his nap. I wish I could have gotten to my camera in time to show you a picture of him laying down with his little arm wrapped tenderly around that container. It was cute and very hilarious. He did not let me take it away from him until bed time and even then he was quite cranky about having to leave it behind.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Ten things that make life grand for me

I was tagged to do this meme by Laura. These are not going to be the obvious things like my husband and kids, but little things that I think make life a little nicer.

  1. Homemade apple crisp with ice cream on top. That was the dessert Evan requested for Family Home Evening dessert. It was very yummy!
  2. A very gripping series of books that I am reading. I have to finish all three books in less than two weeks (our library has newer books on a time limit, so more people can read them and of course the last book in the series is the two weeker so I have to read all three in that time limit) which is a very fun challenge for me.
  3. The nice weather that has been happening these last few days. It has been warm but not oppressively so.
  4. Evan finally starting to express himself more and more. He took so long to start the whole talking thing that I was starting to get worried. It is nice to see him catching up with his peers.
  5. My sisters coming for a visit this weekend. They enjoy spoiling the boys and it is fun to have visitors to change the routine.
  6. My kids sleeping in until a luxurious (I am being sarcastic here) 7:30. It beats them waking up at 6am by a long shot though.
  7. Bedding fresh from the dryer.
  8. Nap time.
  9. A day in which I do not have to change a poopy diaper. This is a vary rare occurrence but very welcome.
  10. The Fridays my husband is able to come home early from work. It is nice to be able to get a bit of a head start on the weekend.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


We have lived off base and have for my husband's entire career. This has left us somewhat disconnected with the community that is the military. When ever we do attend a military function I am always amazed at the sense of family I feel.

Today we attended a Luau/fishing derby on base. I also needed a new I.D., so we were killing two birds with one stone. My husband took Evan up with him to the grill while I stayed back with Harry trying to keep him entertained until food came so that his hungry maw could be stuffed. There were two guys chatting at the table. One saw that Harry was eying his hot dog and offered up some of it for him. He then proceeded to engage me in conversation. I don't think that there are many instances in the "real world" where perfect strangers would be this kind or genuinely interested in perfect strangers. I am not sure that many civilian work places would have the same camaraderie that the military seems to have in great abundance.

On a different note, I hate my I.D. picture with a passion. They always seem to turn out horrible, but this one tops all the others. My hair looks crappy, I have a zit on my chin and my smile looks awful. Hopefully my husband will make rank soon so I can get a new one done. Next time I am going to plan ahead and have someone go my makeup and hair. That will take care of the two worst offenders.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Thomas is in da house!!!

I have finally decided that the boy's room is done enough to put pictures up. I now remember why I was not all that sad about not having a sewing machine. Sewing makes my back hurt and makes me swear. I am an ok seamstress (I am no Martha Stewart) and can make an ok product but it takes a lot of work to get that ok product. I am planning on putting up a nice soft wall hanging with some embroidered Thomas patterns on it but that is going to take me awhile. Instead I put a poster up as a place holder. I would have liked to put up a wall paper boarder but since it is very likely that we will be moving in a year I wanted to keep every thing easy to take down. So enjoy the photos.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Originally uploaded by awesome_mom2061.
Evan goes upstairs to go to bed for his nap. Why he says apple juice instead of upstairs I have no idea.

He likes it when mommy tickles his feet. He will actually ask me to tickle him, it is too funny.

An octopus is an animal and so is a llama.

He likes to vacuum the kitchen. This one was an easy one I threw in.

One of his favorite trains is named Mavis.

He likes to wear sandals outside.

Another cute Evanisim that did not make it to the list is the name of his physical therapist. He calls her Yaya.

The picture is of a bunny. I am sure that you could have figured it out eventually. Click on the photo to see my notes on which parts are where.


See if you can guess the meanings of these Evanisims.

Evan goes apple juice to go to bed for his nap.

He likes it when mommy pickles his feet.

An optapas is an animal and so is a llula.

He likes to baccume the ketchin.

One of his favorite trains is named Beebis.

He likes to wear mammals outside.

You will get the grand prize if you can guess what this picture is of. I was there when he drew it in nursery and I can assure you that he had a clear plan in mind as to what he was drawing. The entire time he was telling me what parts were what.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Surgery Day

You wake up early in the morning. It is still dark out and your body rebells at having to leave the comfort of your bed. You did not sleep well last night, you were too anxious. You and your husband decide not to have breakfast since you both are really too nervous to eat. You would probably throw up on the drive to the hospital any way. Eating at the hospital will provide a much needed distraction. The awfulness of the food will give you something to talk about besides the surgery.

Waking your child is no easy feat. He too rebells at getting up so early. You all quickly walk out into the morning chill and put all the bags into the car. There is one for him, filled with special toys that you got especially for the surgery. The other one is for you. There is a change of clothing and also things for you to do while you wait. Today there will be a lot of waiting and you know that you will quickly tire of the many things in there. Your mind will be with your child in the operating room.

Traffic is light. You make it in plenty of time and have no trouble finding parking. In the waiting room your child proceeds to charm all the older people there. He is the only child and he milks all the attention that his youth and cuteness gets him. His name is called and you are taken back to a room where they prepare him for the surgery. Height weight and vitals are all taken. The anesthesiologist comes by to ask you if you have any questions. Your child's surgeon comes by to answer any last second questions.

Then you wait. Your child is getting cranky from the lack of sleep and hunger. You are told that the surgery is delayed due to an organ transplant. You try and keep your child entertained grateful that you have a little more time with him before the surgery, but you also would just like to get the whole thing over with. Too soon it is surgery time.

You are all taken to the OR. You wait in a tiny room while they are getting everything set up. Only one parent is allowed back to hold the child during the anesthesia induction. As the mother you claim that right and are given a zip up suit to wear along with a hair net looking hat. Your child starts to get anxious the instant you enter the OR. He remembers it somehow from the previous times that he has been in there. You try and comfort him as best you can while you lay him on the operating table. He cries as the mask is placed on his face but soon he gets sleepy and is limp. The nurses promise to update you and your child's surgeon pats your back telling you that he will do his best to give your child the best outcome possible. As you leave you take one last look, praying that you will get to hold your child again.

Gabe and Zoe are having heart surgery this week. Gabe's is May 15th and Zoe's is May16th. Please take a little time and say a little prayer for both the children and the parents. They need all the strength that they can get in this trying time.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

I want to send a happy mother's day out there to all the mothers (that includes everyone adoptive mothers, foster mothers and so on) out there.

I can remember the exact moment that I really started to understand and feel a special kinship with her. It had been an especially rough few days. The night before I had called home sobbing in frustration at Evan still being in the hospital. He had taken a few steps back with his eating and I had come back from some time home only to see him with an NG tube in his nose. I got a phone call in the morning from my mother. She told me not to be mad at her and before she could finish I knew in that instant that she was either int he city or would be shortly on her way. I was right and while I had been resisting the thought that I needed help, I really did need some help. I knew that she was feeling all the same worries and concern for me that I was feeling for Evan. The visit was something that I really needed. My husband while an excellent husband and father was not a very good hospital person. He paced like a caged tiger so it was relief when he had to go back to work. The nurses and doctors were nice but they had jobs to do, they could not sit with me the way I needed. My mom was calming influence who was able to keep me company in just the way I needed.

I also want to give a special shout out to my mother in law. She has been the best mother in law a girl could ask for. She does not resent me for taking her boy away from her (actually I think she would have payed me to take him (just kidding)). She does not meddle in our parenting decisions in any way. I have see the way she is non critical even though some of her grandkids are not nearly as well behaved as Evan and Harry. That same family has made several financial decisions that have been very questionable, yet not a word of criticism is uttered even when that family is not near to hear. She is also not one for unwanted advice. She will only offer it if asked. Go on and hate me for my great mother in law, I think I can take it.

I hope that everyone can have a great special day and reflect on the wonderful influence mothers and mother like people can have on lives.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Nurses Day

Today is Nurses Day, in honor of that I am posting a tribute to my favorite of all the nurses that has cared for Evan. Alice is the nurse practitioner that works with Evan's cardiologist.

I can't remember the first time I met Alice. She was one of many people that came to check on Evan on a regular basis. I was tired, scared and overwhelmed. Alice soon distinguished herself from everyone else by her kindness. She was a mother too and was very understanding about what I was going through. She was especially good about explaining every thing that was going on, never making me feel like I was asking a silly question.

Through the years she has always been there for us, helping make sure that Evan was getting the best health care possible. She is the one that did all the leg work to get Evan his home INR testing machine. Whenever I have a question she is very prompt in answering, I never have to spend days waiting for answers. When we need something taken care of there are no worries once Alice is on the job.

When we go in for appointments I am happy to see her smiling face. Evan is also very excited to see her and show off his new developments for her. It is great to know that we have someone like Alice looking out for Evan's health. Nurses are awesome!!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Figured it out

Well I now know where Harry got his mouth virus from. I was right that it came from a kid in nursery. He is looking better but he still has some spots that are still healing. I am debating if we should keep him home on Sunday or not. The virus also spread to his thumb and finger which he had been chewing on extensively before I taped a sock to it to let it heal. It will be nice when this is over and he is a lot less cranky.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Good Mail

When I was a child I used to think it was so cool that my parents seemed to get a mail box full of mail every day. My mother tired to tell me that it was mostly bills and junk mail but I thought any kind of mail was cool. Now that I am all grown up I realize the enormous annoyance of junk mail. I know that those bills will have to be payed. The mountains and mountains of mail we get telling us how much the insurance company is paying out for Evan's health care is downright scary at times. Often my only exciting mail is stuff I send to myself by ordering something online.

There has been the beginnings of a movement in blog land to change this. Damselfly has a contest going that involves the sending of nice letters. Annie has taken things a step further and actually set up a blog that contains other mommy blogger's addresses so that we can all send each other some good mail. I have started things off on my end by sending out three little notes. I hope the recipients are excited when they see my note in the mail in a few days. Maybe someone will send some to me before long (hint, hint). Go forth and hand write some letters!!! You never know how much you will brighten someones day until you try it.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Exciting news!

I just got the great news that my youngest sister L is engaged. I am very excited that I will no longer be the only married one among my sisters and that my boys will eventually have some cousins to play with a few years down the road(not that they don't have cousins on my husband's side of the family). This will be the first wedding I have attended since my own.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Random picture time

What the heck happened to spring? It seemed like yesterday I was needing coats for the boys in the morning and long pants were still not too hot in the afternoon. Now it is shorts in the morning and redneck diaper kids in the afternoon. Evan and Harry had the first swim of the season. We bought a cheap blow up pool for our paved patio area. The nice giant pool that we put in the graveled area last summer lost it's space so that some of our potted plants could get better sunlight.

Here is a fun one of Evan having fun with a whoopee cushion. Note that he is getting both hands in on the action. His physical therapy is really starting to pay off.

Harry after he passed out during breakfast. You have to click on the picture to see it at it's best. Very funny!

Evan kissing Harry's baby doll. Very cute!!

This is Harry sitting in the rocking chair that my parents bought for me when I was that age. It is a very popular chair but had to be banished to the garage due to Harry's inability to actually sit in it. He prefers to stand in it and will stand in it any chance he gets.

I think that Little Tykes should invent a working vacuum for toddlers. My floor would be spotless right now. We picked this beauty up at a rummage sale on Saturday. It has been wildly popular and Evan literally begs to vacuum the kitchen. He spends hours in the kitchen vacuuming.

Review the Queue- Earth 2

Earth 2 is about a group of humans who break away for the ultra controlling Earth government to attempt to colonize a planet. They are so desperate because they are the parents of kids that are sick because of the lack of illnesses in the sterile space stations where the majority of humanity lives.

The story has good bones but lacked good writers. Often it borders on cheesiness. Often I found myself wondering how people who supposedly were from space stations knew how to survive on a desolate planet so well. The ending was horribly abrupt and annoying since there is no real sense of closure.

The big reason for me watching it was to see if it was as good as I remembered it being. I was devastated when the show was canceled. I even had a silly teen nerd crush on the character John Danziger (who, by the way, was a minor character on Lost). I was so into the show that I actually wrote some very awful and beyond hideous fan fiction based on the show. Looking back on the show with older eyes I can see why it was canceled. It was not even remotely as good as Firefly and defiantly did not deserve a wrap up movie but it was not painfully horrible if you don't have anything better to do with your time.

Poor Evan and Poor Harry

We made a quick and unexpected trip to the pediatrician's office this morning. Harry had some white gunk in his mouth that alarmed me by growing quite a bit over night. I thought it might be thrush, but apparently it is some harmless virus that will eventually disappear on it's own. I guess that is why our pediatrician gets the big bucks and Google is just a simple search engine.

While we were there Evan was freaking out thinking that he was here for another shot. I reassured him that he was not going to get a shot. The doctor reassured him that he was not going to get a shot. Then the doctor mentioned that the AAP had decided to recommend routine Hepatitis A vaccination and wondered if I would like to have my kids get it right now since he had the time. I said yes and Evan's fears were confirmed since he did get a shot.

I wish that I had at the very least only had Harry given the shot. I feel like I lied to Evan even though it was entirely unintentional. It could have waited, it is not like we are never in the pediatrician's office, although visits of late have become rarer. The shot also came soon after I did Evan's INR (which was finally with in range after three long weeks of being high) so he ended up with two pokes this morning.

I am going to have to go and disinfect the toys in the nursery closet. That is most likely where Harry for the mouth virus thingy from and even if it was not, it is smeared all over the toys now. It is a good thing that there is a lot of germaphobic people out there so that there are plenty of easy to use products out there for me to use.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Ten more things about Awesome Mom

If you want to read a few more things about me my mom put up a few things on her blog.

The man eating plant one needs a bit of explanation. I took the term man eating quite literally and thought that only males had to worry about being eaten by it. The reality was that it was just a giant weed in a field. My mom called my dad up at work and had him explain that there was no such thing as a man eating plant.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

10 Things About Awesome Mom

I got tagged twice to tell you ten things about me (who happens to be one of my favorite people). So, here goes:
  1. I sleep with an eye mask (no, I will not post pictures of that). I got in the habit when I was working nights (the year before I got hitched to my hubbie). It is a bit addicting and I have been using the eyes mask off and on ever since.
  2. My favorite color is blue.
  3. I used to bite my nails when I was a little kid. One time I was gnawing away when my Uncle (my mother's eldest brother who was a doctor) told me that biting your nails was a great way to get sick due to the germs living under your finger nails. I stopped biting them right then and there. I think I was only really biting my nails because I was seeing my mother do it.
  4. I met Jerry Cantrell when I was in high school. Oddly enough my sister and I met him at a Pearl Jam concert. I was the envy of my friends. A side note: He went to the same high school that I went to (not at the same time though since I am a lot younger than he is). My chemistry teacher had him as a student.
  5. My favorite rose is Peace.
  6. I can pick up things with my feet. This talent is quite handy (or maybe I should use footy) when I am pregnant. I don't have to bend down to get something off of the floor, instead I pick it up with my feet and bring it up to my waiting hand.
  7. I like to read the newspaper every day. I am not always able to, but I try. The first section I head for is the comics.
  8. I used to have bangs. I kept them for much longer than I really wanted them because I was afraid that my forehead was too high to look good with out them. One day when I was in college I just got tired of messing with them and put a head band on so I could grow them out.
  9. If I was an animal I would be a cat. They get to nap a lot, they are very self sufficient and can live with out humans and they have cool eyes.
  10. I have always wanted to have fangs. I think they would make my smile just a little bit more menacing.

I am not tagging anyone just so I can be contrary, but if you want to do it consider yourself tagged.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Gingivitis (updated)

Evan started having foul breath and pain while eating this weekend. I scheduled an appointment with the dentist that is going to be doing his massive mouth overhaul in June since I was worried that he had an infected tooth or something. It turns out it was bad gingivitis (I had also noticed the gums bleeding but had attributed it to a high INR since his levels have been high for three weeks). He is going to have a strong antibacterial mouth wash painted in his mouth after brushing (fun times).

We are using a dental school for this major tooth undertaking (don't worry a real dentist will be doing his work) because I felt it would be best to have the option of Evan's cardiologist being around and this place is the only one that works at the hospital Evan goes to. The school deals with a lot of lower educated folk that need the cheaper services of a dental school. What bothers me though is that they just assumed that I had no idea about basic dental care.

Yes, I know that Evan has several bad cavities. Yes, I know it may on the surface look like I was being a horrible mother since his mouth ended up so bad, but really I am not. No, he does not eat a lot of candy. No, I do not give him juice all day. No, I never gave him a bottle to take to bed. Yes, I know a healthy diet means fruits and veggies. Flossing is important, I know. It is just really hard if he is not very willing. Yes I brush his teeth myself, if I let him do it he would only chew on the brush a bit.

Another creepy thing was the real dentist talking with the student dentist right in front of me and telling the student dentist to go over brushing with me. I wanted to raise my hand and let her know that I was listening and understanding what she was saying right in front of me. It was not like I was speaking a different language and could not understand her (not that it would excuse that). i guess I know how little kids feel sometimes. I am just happy that once this is all over we can go back to our really nice pediatric dentist that is near home.

Laura's comment reminded me of something that I forgot to write about. Real dentist took the time to explain to little ol' me why were were putting him under general anesthesia. She explained that it would be very traumatic to him if they had tried to simply restrain him while they were working on his teeth. I was shocked with that one. Does she really think that I would have preferred the cheaper option of tyeing down my son letting him scream an cry for several house while they worked on him. How sadistic did she think I was? If they had not offered the option of knocking him out I would have insisted on it plain and simple. Maybe if he was a lot older I would have told him to buck up and inhale laughing gas (my first few fillings I had to have it since I was so anxious about the process too) but a three year old just does not have that kind of understanding.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Evan the artist

One of the really fun things about this age is seeing old things become new again, like crayons and coloring books. When Evan was first introduced to the whole concept of coloring he would take a few swipes with his crayons and then be done with his masterpiece. In the last few months he has really started to get into coloring and will badger me almost every day to do some sort of coloring. Today Evan got to explore the fun of sidewalk chalk. Harry is forever banned from it since he ate several large bites out of it (yuck!).

Trees are fair game to color on

So are irrigation hoses

This was done very sneakily while mommy was briefly inside to change Harry's diaper

Mommy's foot is fun to color on

Evan also did actually color a little bit on the sidewalk

Coloring is fun!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Mother's Day gift Product Review

Some people (like me) prefer to receive cute gifts made by the kids. Some people like to get something a little more fun and possibly more useful. Best Buy will be selling a lovely gift package that has all your bases covered. It contains a 4GB iPod nano in your choice of pink or silver. It also has some very tasty (for milk chocolate) and a 10% coupon for an iPod accessory of your choice. The price is a bit on the high side, it will cost you $214.99 but if you want something a special for a special mom in your life this would make a great gift.

The iPod nano is a super easy to use mp3 player. Apple products are very intuitive and all it takes is a little exploring to figure out every thing that this little player has to offer. The nano is also perfect for mothers because it has a flash drive powering it. They are more robust when accidentally dropped and much less likely to break than the larger iPods. The small size is perfect for your purse or diaper bag yet it is still big enough that it will not disappear so you will have to dig for it.

If you have the money in hand and want a special something for a special someone in your life then starting May 6th these will be in stores.

I was planning on doing a super fun give away, but since I am a good wife I ended up giving away my lovely silver one (the one I got for Christmas) to my husband (who really wanted an iPod bad) and took the pink one for me. Sorry!!!

30 days with only one channel on TV

At the beginning of April our cable TV was stopped. We live in a bit of a podunk area, so that was pretty much the only way to get anything besides the local PBS station. It has been liberating not having so much TV in our lives. I found myself watching it just because it was on rather than a desire to see any particular show. I have already powered through a bunch of books and I am working on several craft projects. It is nice that I have "found" so much more free time.

I think that one of the best things about this is that the kids are not going to be as exposed to some of the junk that is out there. They don't mind a bit any way. They are happy watching the same five videos over and over again. They get their Sesame Street and Mr. Rodgers fix from the PBS station we get and sometimes we will not even turn on the TV all day. The silence in the house is amazing.

We did change our Netflix account around a bit. Since the kids were not at all picky about the videos we cut them out of the mix. We then added another disk to our subscription giving us each two DVDs out at a time. That way we both can have something at home the majority of the time. There is also TV online. I watch my beloved Lost online and am thinking about catching up on some other shows that way instead of waiting for the current season to come out in DVD.

So, dear readers if nothing else I hope this post will make you consider (even if it is for only a moment) cutting back on your own TV watching. You are probably watching more than you even think about and there are a lot of fun things that you could be doing with that time.