Tuesday, June 06, 2006

On Vacation

Isn't the internet wonderful? We are in Utah on an extended vacation yet I am still in the same place online. I won't be able to blog too much or read my favorite blogs because my parents have sucky dial-up internet. Plus they have an awful computer that has a horrible monitor. All the websites I go to are wonky, all the colors are different. The pictures that are on the computer look pixelized. The keyboard needs to have the keys hit harder than I am used to so I keep messing up with spelling.

The drive over here was quite an adventure. We took it in two days because I wanted to take it easy on Harry since it was his first long trip. In Reno we go behind a guy that had a pick up truck filled with household items that were improperly restrained. One rug that came flying down the road almost took out the car in front of us. The next one hit us, luckily it hit low so instead of blocking our windshield it went under the car. I was annoyed when we finally managed to pass the idiot because I saw him busily chatting with his passenger and not even paying attention to the accidents he almost caused.

We stayed the night in Battle Mountain Nevada which is known as the arm pit of America. I can't say I disagree with that assessment. There wasn't much there. The mattress in the motel was rock hard and we ended up with a room that had two double beds so sleeping arrangements were a bit tricky. Evan slept in the bed with me and Harry ended up with my husband. I think my husband got the better end of the deal because I woke up several times with my bottom hanging out of bed because Evan had pushed me over.

We thought we would get an early jump on the day. Sadly only a few miles out we ended up being stopped in traffic because a semi took out two cars and it blocked both lanes going east. We were at a stand still for a good hour before the highway patrol moved us off the road and on to the frontage road to bypass the accident. Shortly after we were stopped I heard Harry grunting. Then the smell of the diaper hit me. I didn't want to chance changing it in case traffic suddenly started moving again. The smell got too bad so I finally ended up doing a super quick change in the middle of stopped traffic. We put the diaper in the trunk so it could get nice and ripe when we later took out our luggage at our destination.

The kids did pretty well on the trip. Evan did much better than Harry. Harry would not sleep for anything but was obviously tired. I ended up having to give him some Benedryl to help him sleep. Evan was happy as long as he had his Baby Einstein videos playing when he started to get cranky. Most of the time he was happy just watching the cars out of the window.

I am tired but very glad that we will be sleeping on a nice pillow top mattress. Tomorrow we go to see a park with ducks in it, Evan is going to be thrilled.

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Have a nice safe trip.