Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year goals

I have a thing against New Year resolutions. I tried year after year making and then shortly breaking them. Eventually I gave up even trying to make them in the first place. I just started making and setting goals through out the year. I decided that I needed to exercise more this year so I started walking once a week with a friend. I have since then started walking twice a week and am planning on trying three times a week. That proves to me that I can make and accomplish goals so I am going to make an attempt to set a few goals for me to accomplish by this time next year.

  1. I will get my sewing machine fixed. It has been broken since before Evan was born and I would like to get it working so I can finish the quilt I am working on.
  2. I will get new glasses. I have needed new ones for years now but every time I got ready to go to get new ones I got pregnant which means I had to wait.
  3. I will go to see the dentist regularly. I have been putting it off since Evan has so many doctor's appointments it is hard to have to go for myself too.
  4. I will organize my downstairs. This is our living area and it can get quite chaotic. I want to have more control over the toy mess. I want to tame the under our stairs mess, we pretty much cram stuff under there just to put it somewhere. As I just finished typing that my husband actually started cleaning up under our stairs completely on his own.
  5. I will get rid of all the junk that is sitting in our garage. We have already decided that we do not need it anymore we just need to take the next step which is to give it to charity.
  6. I want to enrich my spiritual life. I have been slacking when it comes to reading the Scriptures. Since I am now in the nursery I am not getting any sort of lessons taught to me on Sunday so I really need to do some studying on my own.
I think that this is a nice manageable list of things to do. I am hopeful that next year I will be able to report a successful completion of my list.


Vicky said...

A nice set of goals there, and accomplishable ones too! I think my goal for this year is to get more exercise (not sure how I am going to do that as I shall be teaching MORE from April....), to cook better for the family, to pay more attention to my own kids, and to plan and set up my lessons further in advance than I have been this year! All achievable if I get off this computer and get moving!

Mel said...

Those are some great goals!

Happy New Year to you too!

Unknown said...

Hey Awesome,

What fine and grand and doable plans you have!

I think you will achieve them all and they will all make your life better. Go for it, Lady!

Congratulations for being very wise and for having good ideas.

Best wishes,
happy New Year!

ms blue said...

Happy New Year! I hope that 2007 is all you could wish for and more.

Brittney said...

Happy New Year!

Good luck with the goals, I know you'll do great!


chichimama said...

Happy New Year! I love your goals. It seems very achievable, and will bring you much peace and happiness when completed!

Anonymous said...

Great goals!
May all your wishes for the new year come true!

Gabriela said...

Good luck with your goals. They look manageable.

Happy New Years!

Tracy said...

Happy New Year, Awesome Mom!

Nancy Evans said...

My new years goal is the same as every year which is not to make any goals!

Unknown said...

I'm pretty bad at keeping resolutions myself, which is why I haven't made any for the new year, apart from stitching ones!

Michael C said...

That is a very good list to start the year with. Happy New Year to you and your family!!

Gina said...

Happy (belated) New Year!

Your list sounds eminently doable.