Saturday, December 23, 2006

Strange things

My husband remarked at dinner tonight that it was a bit strange seeing Harry cram his face with food using both hands. We are still so used to seeing Evan daintily picking food up with his right hand. I still dress Harry like I am compensating for a gimpy left hand. I just can't break the habit. I often have to remind myself that he can help me get both of his arms into the sleeves.

Another difference is that Harry at the end of a meal has two dirty hands instead of one. I guess that would be the one advantage to having a child with one working hand. I have actually taken advantage of this fact on occasion. When we want to hold Evan down for some procedure or another we never have to worry about the other arm. This is especially nice for blood draws. If they use his good arm to draw from all I have to worry about is keeping the rest of his body still.

Seeing Harry as he is growing into his own little person is fun. It is so much different than with Evan. I think we are heading for some big shocks since I have already seen Harry try to run, something that Evan has yet to master. He also looks like he might be a climber. I have seen him ponder things that are climbable with a gleam in his eyes. I just hope that he is not too hard on his poor parents we are still rookies in so many ways.


Jenifer said...

Based on the pictures you have shown, he looks like he has a gleam of trouble in his eyes. I have a cousin that was born with a complex heart defect and had multiple surgeries and limitations growing up. He suffered a massive stroke last year at the age of 19, it took away movement on one side and his speech....but he's such a fighter that he is making great progress re-learning. Your Evan reminds me of him when he was little..... a fighter.

Mel said...

I know what you are saying except Crew is the youngest in our family. I focus on what Crew "can" do and when I'm around other little kids, it amazes me what they can do with ease. Evan is a fighter and will continue to progress. Evan, Crew and all the other special little guys inspires all of us. To that I am thankful.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you are in trouble with him, aren't you!? (And it is weird having a 'typical' child after a 'non-typical' child!

Quick note: you know that New Mexico Pinwheels recipe I posted last night??? Well, I forgot to include 1/2 cup sour cream in the recipe! So, if you decide to make it, don't forget the sour cream! And refrigerate the pinwheels for a while after making them, the filling will set a little!

Happy Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!!!!

Tracy said...

Sounds like Harry will be keeping you on your toes ... welcome to my world :)!