Thursday, December 07, 2006

Long day and lots of news

As you all know Evan's pacemaker is on it's last legs. Evan's cardiologist had been hoping that he would be a canidate for a special pacemaker that she thought would help his heart beat better. She referred us to a pediactric pacemaker specalist for a consultation. With all the back and forth stuff involved with that we did not get a call from Really Big Children's Hospital until Monday. I called them back on Tuesday and made an appointment for mid January. Then I get a call back later asking if we could come in today.

The appointment turned out to be quite the ordeal. I was rather nervous to be going to a strange and distant place on my own so my husband got the day off work. The internet directions said the trip should be an hour and a half but the people we talked to said it was closer to two and a half hours due to traffic. I decided that we should just leave three hours early so that we had get lost time. We timed it perfectly and were there only slightly early.

Evan was scheduled for an echo which I was kind of nervous about since he hates them for some reason. It is not the least bit painful, just an ultrasound for the heart. I brought a lot of things to help keep him still. He ended up eating way too many Jr mints but those and a Thomas DVD helped keep him mostly still. The consultation with the doctor went pretty quickly but it was not a quick in and out thing. She stuck around while a nurse practitioner played with Evan's pacemaker settings a bit and helped me entertain him (this is another non painful thing that Evan hates).

The end result was that Evan was not sick enough to warrant the special pacemaker (good news). She had thought that we would be having the pacemaker replaced at her hospital much to my dismay. Luckily when we finally stumbled back into the house at 5:45 (after leaving at 9am) we had a message from Evan's cardiologist's office saying that his surgery was set for this Tuesday.

My head is still spinning and I am exhausted after such a long day. The kids were such troopers and held up well with the crazy schedule or lack there of. I hope that Evan is tired enough not to wake up at 5:30 am for the second day in a row. I am going to be busy this weekend getting everything ready. I also want to bake a bunch of goodies for the nurses at the hospital so I am going to have to get busy.


Gina said...

Wow! Tuesday! I know you knew it was coming, but it still seems like it would be a stressful thing to have less than a week to prepare. Good luck this weekend.

Tracy said...

What a day! I'll be keeping Evan & your family in my prayers -- that you are able to prepare for Tues as best as you can .... & hopefully be able to get some sleep (that means you too Evan!!) this weekend.

Chellie said...

That sounds like a busy day, but good news he's not sick enough for a new one! He is lucky to have you as a mom.
You're family is in our prayers... Tuesday is coming quickly.

Jaelithe said...

Every time I think I am crazy busy or stressed, I think of you, and wonder how on earth you manage.

You are doing such a good job, woman.

I hope everything goes well Tuesday. I'll be keeping you all in my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a day! I am glad all went well and that things are gong to be worked out!

Mo said...

Wow, I feel what you are going through. I can't say that my situation is exactly the same as yours, but I know what it's like to have children close together while dealing with their severe health problems. My kids are 3 1/2, 2 1/4, 1, and 1 month, and they have all had severe digestive problems that cause immense pain. This has meant special diets, frequent doctors visits, many procedures and tests, and countless of hours on the phone with the doctors, the insurance, the medical supply company, etc. Keep up the good work! ***warm thoughts from a fellow laborer***

Vicky said...

Good luck for Tuesday, I'm joining the army of people sending good thoughts your way. Hugs to you all from us all. xx

Unknown said...

Hiya Awesome,

Hugs and best wishes to all of you for smooth sailing on Tuesday!