Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

I hope those of my readers that celebrate Christmas are having a wonderful holiday. We have had a nice quiet holiday at home. My parents will be coming over tomorrow to have a bit of fun with the grandkids. Our holiday has been pretty nice aside from the fact that apparently I took no thought beyond what our main dish would be for our Christmas dinner. We bought a marinated turkey breast at Costco but I did not even get any side dishes planned or anything. I ended up scrambling at the last second and digging deep into our freezer for items that I had long ago forgotten. It was a fairly passable meal aside from my feeling that the turkey was not cooked quite enough but my husband insisting that it was. He hates dry turkey after years of eating it so I deferred to him.

My pushy sister E (the same one that pulled me out of a tree) called us just as I was getting dinner on the table wondering why I had not posted pictures of the boys opening presents. I am only giving in to her since she can still mess with my present as it is coming with my parents on the plane tomorrow. After tomorrow I am so going to ignore her demands.

Evan and Harry in their Christmas church clothing on Christmas Eve day.

Our Christmas Eve candle light dinner. In my husband's family they have the big meal Christmas Eve and it is basically a junk food dinner although my husband took offense when I used that term to describe it. Silly man!

Evan opening Annie and Claribel on Christmas Eve. Evan has so many engines in his train collection that I thought he could use some cars for the engines to pull.

Harry opening his present on Christmas Eve. I ended up wrapping a few cheap present for him since he would not be getting any presents until my parents came. My inlaws bought the boys a train track set that they have been playing with for awhile now.

Harry enjoying his video. Mommy and daddy let the kiddos stay up waay too late on Christmas Eve in the hopes that they would sleep in.... they didn't.

Christmas morning. Evan got some Thomas coloring books and some parts for his Mr. Potato Head.

Harry having fun playing with Evan's presents while he is not looking.


Knitting Maniac said...

Such sweet pictures!!!! They look like they are having fun!

Lana said...

so cute,
Happy Holidays to you!

Anonymous said...

the boys look so sweet,
it looks like you had a good christmas!

Anne/kq said...

Aww, how cute! I'm so sad that two cameras were out of commission this year (battery issues) and we got no present-opening pics of our girls. :(

Chellie said...

That looks so fun! Your boys are adorable!
Merry Christmas!

Tracy said...

Cute pictures! My youngest had those same pj's that Harry was wearing ... green with dinosaurs. Very snuggly.

Merry Christmas!