Saturday, December 30, 2006

I am such a nerd

I am a complete and utter nerd. If you were not convinced by my nerd score you will be by the end of this post.

I have discovered the fun of podcasts. They are free and there are so many interesting subjects that I can hardly contain myself. I just spent a good hour browsing and subscribing to some so I can listen to them while I am taking the kids out for stroller rides.

I love Forum (a call in radio show on my local NPR station). I used to get to listen to it a lot in the car but now it seems like I am never in the car when the show is on and I can never remember to listen to it at home. Now I get to listen to people discuss an amazing range of topics. I think it will be neat to have a chance to listen to more of the NPR shows that I like but can't always catch all the time.

One surprising podcast that I found is presented by a cat veterinarian. I actually volunteered at this guy's clinic eons ago back when I was young and starry eyed. I wanted to be a vet when I grew up so I was eager to get all the experience I could. This guy was amazing with cats. He could spay a female cat incredibly fast, it was truly amazing to watch. He was also a very funny and interesting person to talk to. He had me laughing through most of the time I spent with him. I am very excited to listen to him.

You should go check them out. Even if you do not have an iPod you can still listen to podcasts on your computer.


Anonymous said...

hehe I never really got into the podcast thing .. I really should ... learn something while I code!

Odile S said...

I have a fun thing that I do with my blogging. First I write my blog and then I search for people who write similar things as I do. My nerdscore is 90%. I don't have a pod either, but I do listen now and then to podcasts. And I live in the Netherlands...
I have three boys and daughters. I also am crazy about nerdy toys. Thinking puzzles (same game memory for 2 year old) and I have a 5 year old playing SET.

Odile S said...


I came here looking for other mothers that are nerdy. My score is 90% and this is high for a mum.
I also buy my children great thinking games and puzzles, science projects to do at home; electrical circuits that make music if you put them together in the right way.