Friday, November 07, 2008

Nerd girl

One of the things that both my husband and I have in common is our love for computer games. It is probably the only hobby that we both share which is why my husband wants to set up our old computer so that we have two that are working. Any way the point I am trying to make that is we have both been playing with out new toy and it has been wonderful.

Part of the reason he was so motivated to get the new computer built is so that he could play World of Warcraft like the guys at work are doing (a lot of his hobbies seem to be things that guys in his shop are doing). We have both played and beaten the original Warcraft games and were aware of the existence of WoW, but had not wanted to get sucked in. We recently decided to cave in, after all the monthly subscription cost was probably less than what I have spent on yarn and he did just get a raise.

I must say that it is an amazing game and everything that everyone said it would be. Blizzard is one of the top computer game companies out there and they keep on making winners. The user interface it very intuitive so that you can pick up a lot as you go along playing the games. They do a great job of making the games challenging but not so hard that you give up in frustration.

Don't worry I have not forgotten that I have kids, but it hard to remember that I do have a blog. I think that the fact that the game will only run well on the new computer will be a saving grace. I will be forced to share now and then.


Anonymous said...

OOooooo I have wanted to try out wow forever but like you guys I fear getting sucked in. Maybe once the children are in school ... hehehhe

Karen said...

Wow. I did not know this about you.

Summer said...

LOL Everyone who tries WOW gets sucks in.

Anonymous said...

My kids have that one I think. I pay soooo much attention. I'm busy blogging. ;)

Posh Totty said...

hehe Im another WoW addict too ;)

Anonymous said...

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sorry, the baby wants to type to you.

Hope you enjoy WOW. I try to protect myself by not getting me something that will run new games fast enough to be fun. =) We'll see how well that works.

Ok, back to the baby for a bit. 1


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Anonymous said...

It's a trap! I think it's pretty safe to say that you will get sucked in.

If you're worried about the monthly fee, you could always compile you own WoW server. Brennon did it so that we could play without the internet and it wasn't too hard.