Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Baby pictures

Today was rather a crappy day and it was topped off by my destroying dinner thanks to my addled pregnant brain. I forgot to make sure we had the right cheese for the lasagna, I totally forgot to get ricotta cheese and it was too late to ask my husband to pick some up at the store as he was already at the store getting me the mozzarella cheese that I needed (we only have one cell phone and he never remembers to bring it with him) and finally I barely avoided burning the top of the dinner thanks to me forgetting to put the aluminum foil over it. The odd thing is that my lasagna hating kids actually ate it and my husband loved it. I didn't, but I guess I will just be happy that others did.

A part of my grumpiness was that my ultrasound showed that I was actually not as far along as my last menstrual period would suggest. My new due date is May 11th. Sigh! I guess that midwife must have been imagining things when she thought I was measuring bigger. At least the dream that I had that I was having twins was debunked as only one baby showed up in the ultrasound. And before you ask, it was waaay to early to tell what sex the baby is. It was hard enough to even get a very good peek at the baby thanks to the earliness of my pregnancy.

I now present to you the amazing gray blob pictures. See if you can guess what each picture is a picture of. The people that get them all right will get an imaginary prize which will be determined later.


Mean Mommy said...

Sorry for the awful night. You win some, you lose some.

I guess...foot, arm, back?

What's that? I win naming rights to the baby? Bwahahahaha...! ;)

Unknown said...

Sweets, so sorry for the funk, too. But if there is anything that can pulls out of our funks, it's pictures like these!!!!

spice2116 said...

they projected my due date later than my period date too i was so bummed but it was only off about a couple weeks so that is nice!!

the blob is cute

Heather said...

What precious blob pictures.

Anonymous said...

OOoooo look at your little peanut!!!!

Dinner swinner .... awwwwwww!

Posh Totty said...

Awww lovely pics, I think I can make out tiny feet and a head and back in some of the pics, but not all of them.

For what its worth, my due date changed at every scan I had when I was expecting my lil man.

I guess it dosnt matter what your due date, the little bundle will arrive when he/she is ready and you will sure know when that is hehe!!

Karen said...

Picture #1 is....a baby
Picture #2 is....a baby
Picture #3 is....a baby

Do I win?

Ok, for real....
#1 is a foot
#2 are the legs
#3 is the full frontal baby (head and chest)

p.s. I never add ricotta cheese to my lasagna. I double up on mozzarella.
p.p.s. Dug out your socks today because it's COLD here. Mmmmmm toasty warm!

Arkansas Bartholomews said...

Sympathy on being bummed about dinner. Though, not being a fan of ricotta cheese I think I'm with the kids. I blame it on being one of the younger kids who arrived after all attempts at fancy cooking got discouraged.

Sympathy on the due date too. Especially as the lady who gave false hopes was rough. I guess hand, side view of spine and bottom view?

Hope tomorrow treats you better.


Anonymous said...

Fun! Sorry about the due date! But you'll be done before it gets super hot!

Damselfly said...

I think everyone should just be impressed that you are pregnant, have two children, and made lasagna for dinner! Hey!

I'm sorry your due date got pushed back. That looks like a cute baby, though! :)

Unknown said...

All of your kids are gorgeous.

Evan and Harry and now, cute little Blobby.

My guesses: a)hand or foot?
b)limbs c)body

All of those little parts are cute, whatever they are... and you are to be commended and kissed and cuddled for cooking for family + in-laws. Love any kind of lasagna, even without ricotta. You put cheese and pasta together and you have heaven.


The Estrogen Files said...

Oh, congratulations!! I can see the face in #3. I'm so happy for you!!

chichimama said...

Ohh, I miss the US pictures ;-). They kept changing my due dates to later, and I delivered early both times, so I am thinking that I was right and they were wrong ;-). Hope the same is true for you!