Monday, October 05, 2009


Evan finally has para!!! I saw her with my own eyes this very morning. She should be good since she is a retired Kindergarten/1st grade teacher. It also looks like Evan will be staying in the same classroom he has been going to for the last few weeks, it was a change that was supposed to be temporary but as the weeks dragged on Evan became settled in the new classroom and it would be very disrupting to change him again. As much as I liked his old teacher I think this is a good change. Evan really seems to like his current teacher better than his previous one.

Another huge advantage of the class change is that all the various class party sign ups are full, so I only get asked to help out with the fun stuff. I just signed up to go with them on their first field trip later this month. I am hoping my husband can get the day off work so that I don't have to find someone to watch Daniel and get Harry from preschool.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful! I am so glad it all worked out - have fun on your field trip :-D

Tama said...


Elizabeth-W said...

Love the "bonus"!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear about the para, and that she's so qualified. Just having another aide in that classroom will help all the children.
Class field trips are fun--especially the Kindergarten ones! And it'll give you the opportunity to get acquainted with Evan's classmates.
Maybe the class is visiting a pumpkin patch this month?

Jaelithe said...

Just caught up with your school struggles and let me just say . . . I am all too familiar after the past month with school districts' apparent desire to make it as difficult as possible to get appropriate help for kids with special needs.


Anyway, I'm glad you go!kept pushing and got what your son needed. Way to

Unknown said...

Success! So glad it didn't drag out too terribly long.