Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Cuteness: Church

Today was the Primary program. For those not in the know once a year the children aged 3-11 take over the sermon portion of church and do a special program. It was always a Sunday of torture for me since generally the program runs way longer than the allotted time and the program was never all that exciting in the first place. Every child has a part even the youngest and this year was Evan's first time up there.

It was not quite the disaster that I had feared. Evan did not stay in his seat very well but he also did not make a break for it and try and leave the stage. He was heard to loudly ask when his turn would be and tried to go up a couple of time with another class. He was not the only Sunbeam goofing off though. One little girl kept standing up and waving to her mother and the others were quite restless. When it finally came time for Evan to say his line he spoke loudly (but not too loudly) but mumbled his line. He was supposed to say that one thing he was thankful for was his toys (they let the kids write the lines).

Harry was a bit bereft with out his brother. He kept wanting to stand on the pew so that he could see where Evan was sitting. He would then loudly exclaim "Dere is Eban, I see him!" I can hardly believe that next year Harry will be in Evan's spot.

All in all they made the time rather amusing and the program did not seem quite so long.


Karen said...

A star is born. :)

Heather said...

Those experiences are so fun to watch.

Elizabeth-W said...

We had our practice in the chapel yesterday. We practice again next week, and then Wednesday afternoon.
I'm standing up and singing with my class, and look around and realize I'm the only teacher standing up.
My older daughter is in a little singing group. She sings the first line (the first word/line/anything of the whole entire program) of I am a Child of God, a capella. We're practicing, oh yes, we're practicing.

Damselfly said...

How cute! It's so sweet you can tell the boys love each other.

talitha said...

I love Primary programs. Total paycheck days for Moms. Even if they do something embarrassing, they are still just so sweet.

Anonymous said...

Evan did really good for a Sunbeam.
Our Ward does the Primary Presentation up front in the chapel (Where the bishopric and choir usually sit).
Last year I had 3 busy boys in my Sunbeam class. One little guy stood on his head during the program!
This year one of my girls kept running over to see her Mom (counselor) who was sitting by the pulpit to do prompting.
As a teacher, I find the practice times tedious, but the actual program inspirational. And the congregation always loves the Primary Presentation! It's fun to watch their faces.

Midlife Midwife said...

ohhh, that is my favorite program of the entire year...but maybe that is because I don't have any kids in it now. So no embarrassment. I can just enjoy watching someone else's kids make me giggle.

Ours this year made me cry though. We have an autistic boy who is unable to talk. One of his teachers stood by him while he held up a picture of a mom and boy praying. The teacher said, "My mom vocalizes my prayers for me because I can't."

Tama said...

Ahhhh the annual primary program. Alas those days are over for me. Even though I wrote the last one that my son was in I still cried through it. Primary Programs are the perfect way to show off how cute your kids are.

Ice Cream said...

I have only been able to sit in the pews for one primary program, for all the others I've been up in the stands with the kids. This year my job was to control the sunbeams from Hades (including my own precious devil). Those little "angels" made me want to rip my hair out. One of them kept making farting noises and tipping his chair over and laughing loudly.