Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sunday Cuteness

Evan is getting to be quite the prankster. Yesterday afternoon he came to me insisting that he was poopy and wet. I could not really smell anything but decided to check any way since my nose is still stuffy from the cold that we are all getting over. As I start taking his diaper cover off he starts laughing hysterically, and I discover that he is not poopy or wet. I guess that was the little kid version of being punked.

I was wrapping some things up to send out in a package and of course the boys were very interested in what I was doing. I had some extra tissue paper so I took some of their toys and we played opening presents. It was funny watching their different opening strategies. Evan ripped right into his and even used his left hand to help hold the present still (AWESOME!!!). Harry carried his around for about a half hour before even thinking about opening it. When he did start opening it, he would rip a piece, run it to the garbage can, run back and rip another piece starting the whole process over again. After that was done he went and picked up all the pieces left behind from Evan's present. Harry is definitely a very detail oriented kid and likes things to be correct. As he gets older he is getting more rigid about things and less willing to accept alternatives.


Karen said...

Ok, too sweet that Harry carried his "present" around so long before opening it. Maybe I should try that with my kids.....wrap up some of their toys and pretend they are presents. :)

Anonymous said...

aww kids can be funny sometimes. im waiting for my son to start. i think he is but i can't tell.