Thursday, February 23, 2006

Fun at the Doctor's office

Because Evan has a heart defect he gets a shot that is supposed to prevent RSV. It is annoying to me because it means that we are in the Peditrician's office once a month during cold and flu season. The good thing is that we have only visited him for this reason and not because he is actually sick or anything. This cold and flu season we lucked out because I have been able to schedule Harry's well baby visits at the same time saving me the hassle and travel time to multiple appointments. I would be taking the both of them any way.

Evan weighed 27 pounds and some change. He is getting to be such a big boy and is gaining weight so well now. He struggled so much to put weight on his first year and now in his second he is packing on the pounds. He was not too happy about the shot but after he had finished crying he was trying to get up onto the peditrician's lap and poke through his pockets. Evan is such a forgiving child. It amazes me that he recovers so quickly from things like that and does not hold it against the person that had to do the painful procedure.

Harry got weighed even though he was not officially in for anything. He is now 15 pounds 8 ounces. He is such a chunk!! I knew he had put on a bit of weight recently because my back hurts after a long day of holding him. Soon my back muscles will strengthen and then he will get even bigger setting the whole cycle over again.

We stopped at one of my favorite places to shop, the Carter's store at the outlet mall. There is a lady working there that worked there when I was pregnant with Evan and going nuts buying baby clothing. She had to ooh and ahh over Harry. I hadn't been in there since he was born. I was good and only got a few short sleeved shirts for Evan since the weather is starting to warm up. I could probably spend a fortune there if I had the money to do it.

That was pretty much the big event of the day. Tomorrow we are having a friend over to play (Evan will ignore him and play on his own while the other boy does the same. They may interact when the other boy plays with a toy that Evan really likes and then Evan will snatch it.) so I have to do a bit of picking up in the living room.

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