Thursday, September 23, 2010

IEP update

We had Evan's IEP meeting with the new school today. Good news was that they just copied the one from Kansas. The odd news is that parts of it were missing somehow and they has no idea that he was getting PT and adaptive PE. Other good news is that after a long search a OT was found for him. The district is small enough that they do not have them on staff so they had to call around to see if anyone would make the drive all the way out here to help him. Thankfully there was a person that agreed to do it.

According to Evan's teacher he seems to be settling in well to the class. He will sometimes try and get out of answering questions when the whole class is answering at once and is still rather distracted in class at times. Unlike his school in Kansas they did not try and weasel out of having extra help on hand for him. He does not have one para this year, they already had two part time assistants for the classroom.

I left the meeting feeling confident that they were doing everything they could to make sure that Evan was getting the education he needed. It seems like there are a nice bunch of people working with him and that he will make great progress while he is here.


Anonymous said...

Glad that the IEP meeting went so well. Impressed that his class has 2 aides. Hoping Evan has a successful (and fun) year. Remember being wary of my first grade teacher.
She was definitely old school----students learned to watch out for her ruler.

Awesome Mom said...

Well they don't have two at the same time, they work at different times.

Tama said...

It's always so nice to know that the school is actually interested in the education of all of it's children. I'm glad to hear things went well.