Tuesday, March 06, 2007

It is check up time

Evan and Harry got to have a fun filled trip to the pediatrician's office today. Awesome Mom was bad and wrote down Harry's appointment on the wrong day on her calender so she missed it leading to a combined mega appointment. Evan had his three year check up/ Synagis shot (his last one ever, party time!).

Evan was not a happy camper for the majority of the appointment whipping a previously calm and happy Harry into a frenzy of crying. I should have know it would be bad when Evan would not even look at the pediatrician when he came into the office from rounding at the hospital across the street (I try and snag the first appointment of the morning). It was tough to do the developmental assessment on Evan since he pretty much refused to do anything for the doctor. I did get him to show off his mad light switch skilz while using his gimpy left hand which was quite impressive. Evan also surged ahead in the weight department gaining two whole pounds in a month. He is now 34 pounds.

Once I got Harry calmed down he preformed quite well in his developmental assessment. He did not gain a lot of weight but did shoot up in height. He is quite a shortie so more inches are great, it is really hard to walk with him and hold his hand even not all that tall Awesome Mom finds it hard to stoop over while walking.

After the appointment we went to a local park since it was quite sunny and nice. I figured that they should get to do something fun after getting shots. After nap time they were both quite cranky still and made it an early night. I will be so glad when Harry is done with his immunizations so visits to the pediatrician can be a bit less stressful, of course once they are done we will not be seeing him nearly as much (knock on wood).

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