Saturday, December 24, 2005


I am a woman that is obsessed with eating. Having given birth to a child that has medical issues which include eating issues I have become very conscious of how much he eats and when. This obsession spilling over to my perfectly healthy baby. He is not growing as fast as the pediatrician thinks he should be so now I am starting to obsess over his eating too.

I have a private theory that my kids are just slow growers like my husband and I were as kids. Of course neither of us were giant at birth but who says that giant babies have to grow into giant toddlers?

My husband's current obsession is this smell that he says is in our fridge. I think it is funny that a man that claims to have no sense of smell and will not smell poopy diapers even if the child is sitting on his face is being so bothered by an odor. I really can't smell anything outside of normal fridge smells. This has caused him to clean the fridge out so there is a big upside to this obsession. We now do not have any funky food in the fridge and it is sparkling clean with new boxes of baking soda in it.

Evan's current obsession is with his leap pad alphabet ball. It plays songs and will say the sounds of letters along with saying the name of the letter depending on the mode it is set with. He loves pushing buttons and the fact that it lights up when playing a song it an added bonus. He laughs hysterically when he hears some of the letter sounds, X especially cracks him up.

Harry is obsessed with his stomach and making sure it is full which is why I am trying not to worry too much about his eating. The kid is like a clock, wanting food every two hours. His appetite is a bit off because he does have a stuffy nose but if I suck it out he will breath much better and suck down a four ounce bottle in no time flat. Pretty good for a one month old.

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