Thursday, April 26, 2007

Awesome Mom becomes a corporate shill

Awhile back I was approached to do a review for Fruity Cheerios. I jumped on the chance since it meant a free box of cheerios. I had already actually bought several giant boxes of them at Costco, so I was already in love with the product.

They have a nice fruity flavor with out being overly sweet like the competition cereal *cough*Frootloops*cough*. They are also smaller which gives them a much nicer texture. My LDS readers will be happy to know that they pass the sacrament snack test. Less sugar means that the nursery leader will be happy to see you since your kids will not be all hopped up on sugar.

Parents may love them for the reason above but kids love them for the taste. When Evan saw me pull the box out of the package he instantly wanted me to open them so he could have a snack. I gave in (I had already been planning on giving them a snack any way) and gave the boys some of their beloved "cheeieerios". Harry decided that they went especially well with dirt since he dumped the bowl on the patio floor for easier consumption.

Adding in: If you like contests check this one out. You could win $500 and/or a case (10 boxes) of Fruity Cheerios.

See? I attempted to civilize the boys.

But Harold the Destroyer thwarted me yet again.

Mmmmm.... dirt and cheerios

Evan made a slight attempt to put them back in the bowl but kept dumping them back out again, so his progress was nonexistent.


Karen said...

We like the Fruity Cheerios here too. They aren't as sickly sweet as FrootLoops. Plus they aren't as "scratchy." It's hard to describe, but anytime I ate FrootLoops, the top of my mouth would be raw from the texture of them. Ick.
Actually, dd was very disappointed last night because we're fresh out of Fruity Cheerios and she wanted a snack. :( She listed it as one of her top three cereals (along with Trix and Kix)
Go, Fruity Cheerios! :)

chichimama said...

I saw those at the store the other day and thought about them. Good to know!

Emily Loria said...

Lucky you! Fruity cheerios sound like the PERFECT sacrament meeting snack. Your little boy is so cute!

Erin said...

way to sell out to the MAN

Gina said...

They are addicting! I bought them at Costco and wound up being the main one to eat them.

chelle said...

Wow Fruity Cheerios! Neat!

Jaelithe said...

Fruity Cheerios are a quite a hit over here as an Official Thing Isaac Will Always Eat.

(There aren't too many of those . . .)

My only quibble with them is that they use artificial colors. They already include whole grains and sweeten them with fruit juice; I wish they would just go the whole healthy hog and use natural colors already. (It can't be that hard to find natural fruit colors to color fruit-flavored things with, can it?)