Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday Stuff

If Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, why do I end up so exhausted at the end of the day?

In any given LDS nursery you are bound to find an extremely odd assortment of toys. I can tell that my ward's toy cabinets have not been cleaned out in forever. There was a Battle Cat aka Cringer action figure in the random collection which was a nice blast from the past toy. My sister E was a huge He Man fan so we watched the show a lot. I got to play She-ra and she was always He Man. I also found some ancient Fisher Price Little People from before they looked like giant headed real people.

I know all this because I got the chance between chasing kids to do a bit of spring cleaning. The Other Ward was not keeping very good track of their toys, not locking them up or anything so they all had migrated over to our cabinets spilling over to the top. The guy in our ward that is in charge of keeping the building safe and to code put his foot down about the mess. Anything that The Other Ward did not claim was going to end up at the Young Women yard sale later this month. We were both also hindered by the fact that random things kept showing up in the nursery room thanks to well meaning ward members. Toys for infants were just placed in the room, never mind that the youngest kids that could be in nursery were 18 months old. A lovely collection of Di*sney movies appeared one Sunday. That would have been nice except no videos of any kind are shown during nursery. We are a bit more wholesome than that, preferring to focus the Sabbath on religious things.

I have a new nursery assistant which is really nice. The old one was nice enough but she didn't speak much English so I often would spend two hours in a room with only one really verbal child (hint it was not Evan). The boys were too busy crashing cars into each other to talk leaving this lovely little girl to boss me around while we were playing pretend. The new assistant brings her also very verbal daughter in with her (the daughter was rather reluctant to go to nursery with out her mother) which helps even out the boy/girl dynamic a bit. She is also a person that I have not been able to spend much time with so it is fun getting to know her.

I put her in charge of the lessons since that has been something that I have struggled a bit with. It is hard to teach to kids ranging in age from 18 months to three years. There is still a lot of development going on at that age. I just do much better at those ages doing one on one teaching.

I do really love this calling despite the fact that I spend all my time with that age group in my own home. A couple of weeks ago the cute and very verbal little girl was a bit upset about something. She came up to me and told me she needed a hug. I picked her up and hugged her. She then told me that she needed a song too and asked me to sing "Twinkle Little Star". It is moments like that which make my calling the best one in the church.


Gina said...

I missed the whole He-man thing, which I'm not that sorry about.

It sounds like a lot of fun, actually, to play with the kids and teach them.

chelle said...

Too cool that you enjoy the position so much!

hehe Score on the vintage toys! Totally brings back memories seeing he-man!

Elizabeth-W said...

I think you've earned your place in the top tier by serving in Nursery when you also have that age group at home. Nursery toys can be so entertaining. Like the telephones that have cords and the circular around things. My children have never seen phones like that except as archaeological toys.
ps--we loved firefly :) We tried watching 'drive' but were underwhelmed--I kept waiting for the Captain to spout off in Chinese.:)

misunderstood mother said...

You didnt tell about how E liked to pretend she was baby Cringer