Thursday, April 26, 2007

Code Brown

Sometimes your kids end up putting you in situations where you would rather be anywhere but where you are right at that moment.

Evan had obviously been very naughty and been out of bed when the event happened. He should have been quietly napping in his bed but instead was looking at his fish tank. The trail led around the room finally ending in his bed which is where I spotted him when I tried to peek in on him so that I could try and figure out why he was not napping.

The stench nearly bowled me over and made me instantly sorry that I had even opened the door. I stood there for a few moments trying to decide if I should even attempt to remedy the situation or leave and gird my loins for another attempt at it later. I decided that things would only get worse if I waited and set about putting thing back in as much order as I possibly could at the time.

The last time he had a diaper that bad was when he was in the hospital after his stroke. He had been on a strong antibiotic due to a central line infection. His intestines had been thrown out of whack and his diapers had been vile. Generally I take care of stuff like that on my own, not bothering to call the nurse, but this time I knew I was in over my head. With a tiny bit of glee I pushed that lovely call button which would summon the nurse to the bedside.

A different nurse peeked her head in. I quickly apprised her of the situation and after she took one look at the situation she left the room to find out nurse. I think I saw a hit of a smile on her face when she left. I think she was very glad at that moment that Evan was not her patient. As it turned out Evan's nurse had been attending to another similar situation, so he went from the frying pan and into the fire but soon Evan was cleaned up and in fresh clothing with a freshly made up bed to boot.

Sometimes I can't help but wish that I could use that lovely call button that magically summons help. The world would be a much nicer place to live if everyone was able to get exactly the kind of help they needed right when they needed it.


chelle said...

hehe a code brown button would totally rock!

Karen said...

Well, I guess that's another positive thing about renting! ;)
You poor thing! I can't recall anything quite like you're describing. Our "codes" around here always involved puke. :(

Zephra said...

I was a little worried about leaving TMI on my blog but I feel much better after reading yours...I will quote you from my post today "The last thing I wanted to do at 3 in the morning is mop pee off my kitchen floor but hey, I have certainly done stranger things on my journey through motherhood." See, you just proved it.

Gina said...

I got really lucky, Mr. P maybe only once had an "exploding diaper."

Sorry he had to get up and leave it all over!

CHEL said...

I need that button! and soon too!

Damselfly said...

Hee hee, it would be nice to have a nurse on call all the time!