Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

I hope that every one is enjoying a wonderful Easter day.

One of the downfalls of being a member of a church that relies on volunteers for the vast majority of it's workings is that sometimes things like church choirs fall by the wayside. My current ward does not have the interested people or someone with the know how to direct a choir. We are blessed with a lot of people that play the piano and could accompany so I guess that is something. I really miss singing with a group of trained singers. While I know there is a place for congregational singing I enjoy singing in a choir where everyone knows how to read music and knows their parts. I seem to feel the spirit more when singing with he choir than at other times.

My first time singing in a choir was in my college singles ward. I signed up because a guy I liked was also in it. Plus we were promised a lovely Christmas party since the director not only loved to direct music but she also was a gourmet cook. I found once I started going to rehearsals that I really enjoyed performing with a big group of people. I am no solo singer but I do have the ability to blend my own voice with others to produce something much better than what I would have done on my own.

My best ward choir experience was when we were living in San Diego. I was in a new city, my husband was going to be gone for three whole months and I didn't know anyone. Once I joined the choir I started feeling like I belonged. It was a wonderful group with a lot of powerful singers. We preformed something every week and learned very complicated pieces. The main event of the year was the Christmas Cantata. We spent months learning the songs and had a special performance day since it was a long performance and not suitable for Sacrament meeting. I was sad to leave.


The New Parent said...

Hi--Happy easter to you and your family!

chelle said...

So cool that you sing!

Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

Midlife Midwife said...

Ah, ward choirs...gotta love them. I was the choir director a couple years ago. They figured anyone who could sing could lead the choir...little did they know! Our pianist was a teenage boy who was terrified to play in front of other people. We did manage to come up with a pretty good Christmas program in spite of all that.