Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sleep woes

Ever since the time change it seems like Harry and Evan have been getting up way too early in the morning. I had thought it was due to the sun so I put up some thicker window coverings to block out more light. It does not seem to be helping one bit. I have even threatened my husband with death if he even makes the slightest noise when he is getting ready for work in the morning. I am going nuts with the whole get up at 6 in the morning stunt that Harry is doing (I am sure it is him that is the culprit in this whole thing since he is usually the first shriek that I hear in the morning).

I then have to deal with an ultra cranky toddler all morning and I am very frustrated with the whole thing. If he takes an early morning nap that kills any chance I have at even leaving the house at all until my husband gets home. An early morning nap means that he will wake up the instant Evan goes down for his nap. An early morning nap means that as soon as Evan wakes up from his nap, he will want to go back down. Try and keep him up and there is hell to pay. So I sit here blogging instead of being out and about walking with my friend and her daughters to the library so that we could go to story time.

Anyone have any tips on how to help Harry sleep in later?

On an unrelated note check out the cool trucks that my dad is making for the boys.


Guinevere Meadow said...

Oh, the science of naptime. It's hard enough trying to get one on some kind of predictable schedule, but two?? I don't envy you this task!

chichimama said...

No advice, but plenty of sympathy. So, so sorry.

Anne/kq said...

But at least they sleep... Bridey has been sleeping on a crazy schedule, and Ems often is not sleeping at all. *sigh*

you da mom! said...

weird. i left a comment earlier this morning and i guess it didn't go through. anyway, i totally feel your pain. we're experiencing the same thing with waking up super early in the a.m.

Gina said...

Ugh, I wish they would just get rid of daylight savings time! Obviously, no one in Congress can remember having little ones.

Karen said...

I remember doing everything we could possibly do to keep dd awake on a car trip home. Seems like if she fell asleep, even for 5 minutes, she counted that as her nap. If we could *just* keep her awake and get her in her crib, she'd sleep 2 hours. Hmmm....5 minutes or 2 hours??? I'll take 2 hours! ;)

Tracy said...

I do have some advice ... why not try running a fan in their room? That way it may drown out any outside noise. That's what we do at our house. Dominic has a fan running in his room (not facing him, of course) and we haven't had much of a problem getting him to sleep. My oldest, Riley, also likes to have a fan going in his room as well.

It's worth a shot!

Anonymous said...

I have the perfect solution. Sell your kids to the gypsies. Do it now while they are still cute!!!!!!!!!!

The New Parent said...

Boy, it does wreak havoc on our kid's sleep (and OURS!).
My 3 1/2 y.o. gets up a little earlier with the time change and then settles back into her routine of awaking at 7-7.30am.
Kid's sleep is tricky with parents because we generally need to show them how to stay in bed and how to be calm.
Once they start learning that it's OK to get up out of bed the moment they awake, well, it gets difficult.
My heartfelt thoughts go out to you. I have come to think parent=sleep deprivation sometimes (laugh)!

Overwhelmed! said...

Sorry to hear that your boys are getting up too early in the mornings. Often times Snuggle Bug is up by 6:30 a.m. and this is brutal for us as well.

I'm not sure what the answer is. My husband thought that by keeping Snuggle Bug up later at night he'd sleep in later the next morning, but that rarely worked.

I'll stop back to see what advice others have for you.

Vicky said...

I don't know what to suggest either, but you do have my sympathies. My kids are four years apart so I only ever had one napping at a time. (Then my problem was having to pick the big one up at the kindergarten bus stop in very severe winter weather, and the little one had just gone to sleep. What to do???)

My friend who had twins used to have their room completely empty of anything dangerous and a bolt high up on the inside of the door. Every day at naptime she would bolt herself and the kids in their bedroom, read a book, sing a song and then SHE would go to sleep while they rampaged over her (they did have a couple of safe toys there too.) She said she was so exhausted she could sleep in any circumstances and the kids would normally eventually give up and go to sleep too! I am not sure what I think of that idea but she said it was absolutely essential to her sanity!