Wednesday, January 02, 2008

How did I do?

It is now time to revisit the goals that I set last year.

  1. Getting my sewing machine fixed. Done(ish)! My husband took it in (I always have him take care of the repair stuff as I often feel that I am likely to be taken advantage of being a non mechanically minded female) and it was determined that the cost of repair would be more than the machine was worth. My husband's grandmother moved into a senior apartment and downsized a lot of stuff and gifted us with her very nice Brother sewing machine. So, while I did not actually get mine repaired, I am in possession of a much better working machine.
  2. New glasses. Not even close to being done. No excuse except for the normal day to day stuff getting in the way and distracting me.
  3. Dentist. Very not done. I am not a fan of the dentist and now that I do not have my mom nagging me to go I find it hard to get the motivation to go. My husband is lucky, his work nags him and he gets time off work to go.
  4. Organize the downstairs. Mixed results. I am happy with our current toy storage. My husband built a bookcase which greatly increased our toy storage but I did not even come close to taming the mess under the stairs. I have cleaned and organized it several times this year but entropy is winning.
  5. Getting rid of junk. We have been doing pretty good at that. There is more to be trimmed but the idea that a move is in our future is giving us the kick in the pants that we need to get the junk out. Nothing is more irritating than unpacking a box and wondering why you even bothered moving it. I have plans to go through a lot of the saved boy's clothing and really thin things out. I have a friend that just adopted two boys so I know she will be needing clothing.
  6. Enriching my spiritual life. Mixed results. We have been better about having Family Home Evening every Monday along with nightly family prayers, but I have not been doing as well with scripture reading and the like. My new teaching assignment will help with that since it is scripture based rather than the I Am Thankful for Being Able to Smell lessons that were in the Nursery manual.
I think that I did pretty good considering that I have a lot of demands on my time. I am not going to get all depressed and beat myself up over the things that did not get done. I got a lot of other things done that did not even make it to the list.


chelle said...

You rock! I think the goals you achieved are wonderful. Plus you did not mention holding your breath every appointment praying that your baby was going to continue to be ok. The rest will fall in place :)

fancypantsnancy said...

Go to the dentist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth-W said...

Remember that pic of my teeth?! Go to the dentist :D

chichimama said...

I'll go to the dentist if you do...

erin said...

you should make a resolution to post more pictures of the boys on your blog