Sunday, January 20, 2008


I have notices these last three weeks that my class loves to wander off on tangents. It is like pulling teeth to keep them on topic. They also seem to be allergic to their chairs. I can hardly blame them on that one since by the time we have class they have been sitting for some time. I try and do things like have them sit on the floor so that we can have a change of pace. I think the toughest part of this class is getting them to take turns while talking. I am going to bring some sort of item to hold when it is their turn to talk. Hopefully that will help keep them from interrupting me or their classmates.

One good thing that happened this week is that I figured out that if I threaten one of the boys with telling his mother if he does not participate in a constructive manner he will suddenly be more cooperative. I am friends with his mother, so I know that she will take it seriously if I complain. All three kids managed to bring scriptures this week so all in all it was a pretty good lesson. Next week we have Sharing time and I am still trying to firm up what we will be doing.

I had an awesome Sacrament meeting today. I was able to sit in my pew the whole time and actually was able to listen with no interuptions. You may be wondering how I achieved that bliss, a bliss that I have not experienced since having kids. It was quite simple, both boys were home with colds. I got to go to church all on my lonesome while my husband (who has a less demanding calling) stayed home with the boys wiping noses.

Maybe it is my imagination, but it has seemed to me that the kids have been catching colds at a higher frequency than in the past winters. They have not been too horrible, so I am not complaining. I am thankful that they have not been catching stomach viruses or anything equally gross. Maybe it was just their time to get sick more often.


chichimama said...

I have to say, I do enjoy the weeks when I am teaching, the kids are sick and I get to sit in church alone as well.

I think something to hold when they want to talk is a good idea...good luck! When I have to teach the older ones I always get overwhelmed!

Tama said...

I missed church yesterday because I was at home sick with the same cold your boys have! Except mine has added ear and sinus infections to it and I am beginning to wonder if I am ever going to get well. I hope your boys are having a better go at it than I am. Would have much rather gone and done my calling--conducting for the children--yesterday than what I did instead.

Good luck with your class.

Gina said...

I hear you! Mr. P keeps getting sick over and over again as well. The poor little guys!