Monday, January 07, 2008


I had a pretty nice morning this morning. I went to a friend's house and chatted with her all morning while our boys ran wild. Her neighbor popped in too with her son (for a total of four boys) and stayed for a nice chat. I am not sure why I do not do this sort of thing more often. It can be a lot of fun and my kids are a whole lot less whiny when they have a room full of "new" toys to play with.

It was interesting watching Harry interacting with the other kids. He was quite the pushy little guy and got his way almost all the time, even though he was the youngest and the smallest. I did not really notice this side of him in nursery, but then I was pretty busy keeping my eye on the other kids. He was very interested in what ever Evan was playing with. There were several fights over a garbage truck even though there were two nearly identical ones. Harry just had to have the one Evan was playing with.


That girl said...

Isn't that always the way it is? They always want the toy their sibling has.

By the way, this is Michelle from One full house, but I've changed my display name. Thought I'd tell you who I was, so you'd recognize me :-)

chelle said...

I live for play dates! And I am in desperate need of one. It rejuvenates me beyond belief!

Vicky said...

I loved play dates when my kids were small - I had some good friends of my own after a few months, too.

The trick for me was to avoid the mothers who wanted to play with their children - for me the ideal playdate is one where you set the kids up and beyond refereeing a bit, you let them get on with it so you and the other mothers can chat!

fancypantsnancy said...

Can I go too? I could talk with the grown ups or play withthe kids!

Elizabeth-W said...

I'm laughing at Vicky's comment. There needs to be another term for that kind of playdate. Playdate = moms play with each other and kids play with other. Children and kids should not switch teams! ;)

The Laundress said...

Good for you, Awesome!

Make it happen more often -- moms need companionship just as much as kids do... good that you found friendly people. Have them over and go on back for more!