Sunday, January 13, 2008


Evan was having a hard time in Sunbeams today. He was eager to go, but was not all that eager to stay. He lap hopped during the opening exercises and singing time. One of the presidency talked to me when I went to pick him up at the end wondering if I knew a trick to get him to sit still for longer. He would not even stay in his class row for sharing time apparently. Other than strapping him down I did not have any fresh ideas. It is just going to take him some time to get used to having to sit stiller than he is used to.

Harry went to nursery with out a backwards look. The new nursery leader has not had young kids for awhile and got Luke to go in to check Harry's diaper because she thought he was wet. He had just been changed right before we left and he was wearing a disposable so it was not the big deal that she was making it seem to be.

I finished another knit animal. I made a cat this time around. The color in the picture is brighter than it is in real life. The yarn is supposed to be especially for afghans, but I can imagine using this orange in my home decorating. It is a perfect orange for cats so I am thrilled that it was there.

The front of the kitty.

A close up of the face. Evan was very insistent that I put a mouth on the kitty.

I made the tail out of icord. The pattern had the tail almost at big as the limbs and I was not liking how it was looking.


you da mom said...

that's a pretty darn cute cat. sounds like you've been busy. what is sunbeams, is that a playgroup? do they have them all over? i'm just now looking into that sort of thing...

Zephra said...

I picked up a book for beginning knitters today at the library and can't wait to get started.

chelle said...

Oooo that kittie is so cute!!!

Summer said...

Cute kitty! I love it!

Damselfly said...

What a fun little kitty!

Elizabeth-W said...

Cute stuff!
Here's my little Sunbeam idea. My now 4 year old's teacher did this with the class this time last year. She made a chart with each child's picture on it, and it had room for lots of stickers. When the kids stayed in their seats they'd get a sticker in their chart. She rewarded them big time for only having a few stickers. She had the sticker book right open in front on her lap so everyone could be reminded. She even started giving my daughter stickers for making it through Singing time (what we call it at our house) with out crying that she didn't get called on even though she was in her seat an being reverent!!!! (poor kid ;) )
If you wanted to be super on top of it, maybe offer to make something like that for all the kids in the class for the teacher. ??Just an idea.
He'll get it it sooner or later. You don't see toooo many grown men wandering around aimlessly during Sunday School and Priesthood! :)