Friday, January 04, 2008

Resolutions and a Meme

My lovely sister suggested in the comments that I should have a New Year's resolution to post more pictures of the boys. I thought it was a very good idea. I decided that I am going to open the floor to you my dear readers. You get to decide what my resolutions should be this year. I can't promise to do them all, but I will give it a try. So go ahead and suggest away!

Now for the meme. The lovely Laundress (I adore alliterations) has tagged me for the 7 things Meme which I have done a number of times. I figure eventually, if I do it enough, I will have a nice list of 100 things about me and can compile them into one post. Here are 7 more weird/random (mostly random) things about me.
  1. I wear a size 9 shoe
  2. I wear a size large glove. I have small palms but long fingers, so in reality gloves rarely actually fit me. If I get the big size my fingers fit, but the palm is baggy. If I get the smaller size my fingers do not fit. I am going to have to knit myself a perfectly sized pair of gloves, until then I will stick with my mittens.
  3. My favorite color is blue and my second favorite color is green. Oddly enough the boys wear a lot of blue and green.
  4. My favorite scent is lavender. My parents got me some hang made lavender soap for Christmas. It is sitting in my downstairs bathroom so that I can take a sniff whenever I feel the need.
  5. I have pierced ears but hardly ever wear earrings. I got them done when I was eight after a whole lot of begging.
  6. I have certain writing utensils that I favor because of how they feel in my hand. My art classes in school taught me to be sensitive to that.
  7. I don't bite my nails. I used to because my mom does, but when I was young my uncle told me about all the germs that were lurking under my fingernails and I stopped biting them.

Here is a teaser for a future post that will include a ton of cute pictures that I just took yesterday. It is amazing the funny moments you will catch when you are looking for them.

This is one of Harry perusing one of my knitting books (well it is owned by the library, but who's counting?). This one is his favorite (mine too, I just bought it and it's sequel on Amazon) and he seems to really enjoy thumbing through it on a regular basis. I think it may be that it has really nice pictures in it.


Tot's Mom said...

I have seen some bloggers posting 100 things about themselves and I always wondered how they did it. Now, I know. Perhaps, they compiled it just like you do! Anyway, my favorite color is blue too, although green wouldn't be my second choice. ;)

fancypantsnancy said...

First of all you were older than 8 when we let you get your ears pierced. Think about 11 or 12. Second, your new years resolutions should be 1. GO TO THE DENTIST!!!!
2.Floss your teeth. 3. wear sunscreen when you will be in the sun longer than 30 min. 4. wear your bra to bed to prevent middle age sagging. oh yeah and wear clean underwear, because you never know when you may end up in the Emergency room- and hey you dont want the docs and nurses to see your icky underwear do you???

Elizabeth-W said...

Nancy is funny! (wear a bra to bed). Nancy is also a sadist :D
Go to the dentist.
I think it would a kick to set goals for other people...all the things you think a person really should do but that you'd never say to their face. I'm cracking myself up over here thinking of goofy things to say to people I know (as in--Resolved: to make sure my knee hi hose won't be revealed at church when I cross my legs.)

Ginger said...

cute picture!! glad you finished your drivers class :p

chelle said...

Knit more worry less ... Maybe hit the dentist ... my uncle never cared for the dentist and now has had all his teeth pulled and wear dentures that hurt and really are fake teeth ever going to be the same??

chichimama said...

I love that book too, and got the sequel for Christmas!

No resolutions for you though, I have enough trouble coming up with my own ;-)