Monday, January 14, 2008

More stuffed animal fun

Evan was having a rough day today. He ended up having to take a nap because his attitude was wearing me out and I needed a break. While he was sleeping (he really did sleep which, I am sure is why he was being the way he was) I got the chance to do a bit of crafting, after all cleaning while the kids are sleeping is for suckas.

The Laundress tipped me off to an awesome craft book. It uses socks and gloves to make ultra cute stuffed animals. It is titled Sock and Glove: Creating Charming Softy Friends from Cast-Off Socks and Gloves. I have heard a lot of good things about Japanese craft books and I must say that they do not disappoint. The photography is amazing! Harry cried when I took the book from him, he wanted to keep looking at the pictures of the cute stuffed animals. The instructions are easy to follow and there is a lot of room for your own touch in the whole process. I did not use cast off socks or gloves as my husband's socks are well used, my own are lacking in the cuff department (I wear short socks so that my husband does not steal my socks) and the boys are too tiny. We also only have mittens in the house, so I made a quick Target run and picked up some cheapy knit gloves.

With out further ado here is my first attempt: Dog

There were no plain white glove sets, so I got a set with yellow and white gloves. I guess this makes this dog a yellow lab or a similar breed.

I used embroidery thread to make the face. No choking button hazards in this house.

As you can see from this view the neck is quite long, almost giraffe like. I am pondering if I should take the head off, add more stuffing in the body and move the arms up. I may just leave it because Harry loves this little guy just the way he is.

Harry has taken quite a shine to Dog. Harry also loves to carry Rabbit around. Poor Cat is left alone to fend for himself, but being a cat he does not mind a bit. Here are some pictures from afternoon play time:

I was trying to get a picture of harry kissing Dog, but my blasted camera was too slow. I did get this charming fish lip picture, so I can't be too mad at it.

This is how Harry carries around poor Rabbit. His ears must be getting pretty tired.

Harry trying to cram both stuffed animals into the bed of the dump truck.

Poor maligned Rabbit fell out.

Harry tries to cram Dog in there tighter so that there will be room for Rabbit.

After awhile he gives up and decides to try and dump Dog out of the bed of the dump truck.


Karen (Pediascribe) said...

See, kids don't need bells and whistles and things with batteries. Your kids will play for HOURS with their new friends!

Steph said...

Too cute! I especially like the pics of Harry trying to cram them into the truck together. Oh, and the fish lips :)

Tama said...

Cute hand made stuffed animals!!! I especially love rabbit--imagine that. Thanks for visiting my blog! I am enjoying reading your blog so I am going to add you to my list.

Damselfly said...

You are a stuffed-animal-making machine! Harry looks so cute playing with your creations.

chelle said...

Those are AWESOME! That puppy is too cute!

Kristi said...

Remind me to never show you pictures of the mangled sock creatures I once attempted to make. It wasn't pretty.

That girl said...

these are all cute and all, but I started laughing un-controllably at the part where HE took a nap because YOU needed the break.

LOL...I'm still cracking up.

Gina said...

Those are SO CUTE!

My god, I think I could actually make one of those myself, my craft-challenged self.

Nanette said...

" while the kids are sleeping is for suckas." LOL

Anonymous said...

I think the dog looks like a whippet! They are so cute. My Mum was a great knitter but all I could mange were lots of long thin scarves! Off to see if you have some scrapbook pics - Now that's my current passion!

Great blog!