Saturday, January 26, 2008


Yes, the time stamp on this post is sadly very correct. It really is after 1am when I am posting this. I was headed to bed at midnight (hey I like to stay up on weekends) when a loud wail emanated from the boys' room. Harry was having one of his mysterious sobbing fits that he has now and then. I hope that they are not caused by nightmares but I am not sure what I can really blame it on.

So I take him downstairs and cuddle him until he stops crying. I finally get him into bed after asking him if he is ready numerous times. Five minutes after he is in bed he starts crying again. Sigh. So, here we are. He is finally in bed and I am waiting for a bit hoping that he is really asleep and will stay that way.

We got out of the house yesterday morning despite the buckets of rain that were pouring down (and are still pouring down). Evan wanted to take a walk, but I vetoed that idea. It is fricking cold out there, so he had to settle for some puddle splashing time. Harry got so wet that I had to change his whole outfit which included double layers to keep the chill out.

We went to Target for our outing (did you really expect any other store?) and came home with some of the surprises that we often end up taking home. I saw these cups and was charmed by them. I thought I would just test them out and see if Evan could hold one using his one working hand. I thought I would be able to put it back after and save the cup purchase for some other occasion. The boys had different ideas. I must say that I am pleased that the cups are getting the kids to drink more milk. After Harry stopped getting a bottle his milk consumption plummeted causing me to worry about his little bones. He actually insisted on having milk in his frog cup at dinner when we normally serve water. I am not to thrilled with the fact that these cups have a recommendation to be hand washed but if it keeps the kids happy I will do it (for now).

There seems to be a bit of concern about the preview picture that I had posted. The sheep was unfinished. I was showing off all that I had accomplished in one evening of crafting. Shep has his arms firmly attached and his eyes are present. He is also now wearing a cunning knit sweater that I made for him. I didn't use a pattern for it, I just made it up as I went along. I think it turned out quite well. All he needs is for me to embroider a nose on him and to make him some pants.

P.S. At the posting of this post it is official that Harry is now fully asleep and I will be asleep in short order.


chichimama said...

Hope you got to sleep in a bit...the random crying jags in the middle of the night are so hard...

Guinevere Meadow said...

I can't tell you how many times I've done my blogging while waiting for Lance to fall asleep!

Your sheep is going to be FANTASTIC when he(she?) is done!

Don Mills Diva said...

Aww - poor Harry. I had a similar night. Graham woke up 4 times throwing up - the last time being 5 a.m. He seems perfectly fine today but is napping - wish I could but already had 2 coffees so I'm up for the duration!
Love your blog BTW!

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

If you start getting Google searches for "Sheep Porn" it's because of this picture!!!

chelle said...

Our daughter had night terrors for a while. Waking up crying and quite upset, only to fall asleep no problem afterwards. I hope it is not a long lasting thing for you both!

Awwwww I am in love with your sheep and his sweater!!! How adorable! I need to knit some toys! You are inspiring me!

nymfs said...

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