Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Someone save me from myself

I really need to stop writing posts about how fulfilling motherhood is and how I am learning so much from my kids. It seems like I will write one of those and them the next day my life will be hell. Today kicked my butt and my family is lucky that I did not run away screaming.

Evan started off the day by having the worst whine fest ever. He was pissed that I put him at the table for breakfast. After doing the unthinkable and feeding him I made him get dressed. Torture! The ultimate insult came when I applied sunscreen on his body so that he would not get a sun burn. He spent a good hour in his crib after that sobbing his heart out. I had to put him in his room because I was about ready to loose it by then.

Harry was not doing too much more than his usual mommy must be in my sight or I will freak out. He also is in love with our modem and just has to crawl under the desk to play with it. We have millions of toys (ok I exaggerate but we still have a lot of them all around) and yet the thing he must have is the stupid modem. I have to cover the front of the desk with a blanket fastened on securely to keep the blinking lights out of sight.

My legs are sore right now because in order to work out my frustrations I took the kids on a long walk. I had hoped to walk out my frustrations but I ended up overdoing it and was barely able to function enough to get Evan lunch. I ended up spilling stuff several times in my attempts to put a simple lunch in front of a toddler that was not interested in eating it. Luckily they both took long naps and Harry even went to bed early. My husband's lifespan at this point, however, is not looking too good .

Thanks for all the nice comments on my new template. I had fun looking at templates on blogskins.com and picked out a few neat but simple ones. I had to tweak this one a bit so it has my own touch in there too.


chelle said...

hehe the same thing happens to me ... yada yada yads my daughter is doing so good ... next day BOOM! Keeping our feet on the ground I suppose!! hehe!

txmommy said...

sorry you had "one of those days". Hopefully today will be better!

Mel said...

I use spray-on sunscreen because my daughter (almost age 4) HATES get lotion put on. She doesn't like the spray, either, but I can spray her really quick while she's running away!