Monday, August 28, 2006

The watch update

Well Evan's lovely dollar store watch is no more. It quickly became apparent that the watch was truly worth what I payed for it as it quickly broke. We decided to splurge a bit and get Evan a cute six dollar monkey watch. This one has much better construction and actually fits his tiny wrist better. The second hand is the head of a monkey, it is so cute.

We even let Evan pick out what design he wanted. The choice was between the monkey and a Hot wheels watch. I was surprised when after much thought Evan pointed to the "keekee" (his way of saying monkey). I think it may have to do with one of his favorite books which has a monkey as a main character. I think the monkey is better than a liscenced character any way.


bella said...

Aren't kids and watches great!? I know my kids have scads of watches around the house -- many of which still work! They go in phases of wearing them or not; currently my 11-year-old loves his because it has a stopwatch on it!

Glad you got a good replacement for the cheap one!


Guinevere Meadow said...

Hi, found you through "Growing a Life." What adorable boys you have! I'll be having a little boy here in three excited!

chelle said...

I never thought to get Becca watch ... Very funky and fun, educational idea!!!