Thursday, August 24, 2006

A trip to the beach

These are some pictures of our trip to the beach when my parents came for a visit a couple of weeks ago. I was a bad mommy and forgot my camera so I had to wait for my parents to burn a CD and send me copies. They have dial up so I had to wait for them to be sent snail mail. How last century is that?

This is Harry and Evan playing on a rocking chair that was mine when I was a wee one. I can't believe that my parents still had it.

Evan dipping his feet in the super cold water. As you can see he was super thrilled.

The Pink Shovel of Death. Evan would get super annoyed when anyone would try and actually use this shovel even if he had not been using it a second ago.

I tried burying him in the sand but sadly he would not let me finish the job. I think he had some sort of crazy notion that I was trying to bury him alive. I wonder where he got that idea.

Harry going for a snack. The first thing he did upon discovering the sand was cram a handful in his mouth behind the back of his unsuspecting mother.

Mmmmmm.... salty and crunchy.

Another attempt to bury a child in the sand. This plot failed due to wiggling toes.

A close up of dirt face. Harry also fell face first onto my sand castle after he tried to pull up on it. The lesson he learned that day was very important. Build on solid foundations, not sand and life will go much better for you.

All in all it was a fun trip. We had to just about drag Evan away from the beach. Everyone came home utterly filthy and baths were had by all. Even the seagulls had a good time since they got to eat all the crumbs we left.


cmhl said...

cute pics!

chelle said...

Those are amazing photos!!! I hate forgetting my camera and being dependent on others to send me pics!

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

How very fun! Love finding sand in the diaper the next day! I'm sitting here with 2-year-old Roz on my lap, and she's pointing at Harry and saying, "Bee-bee!" :)

Gabriela said...

What sweet pictures!

bella said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful time! Thanks for posting!


fancypantsnancy said...

PHHHHHHHHT!!!! It wasn't so long ago that YOU had dial up, Missy!

utmommy said...

Great pictures!! I love the beach, and miss it so much.

I found you from my sis at Too Many to Count!

Gina said...

Too cute! They just love the sand, don't they?

something blue said...

Your boys are such cuties! So handsome! Evan can really pull off the pink shovel and Harry's looks very determined to help build a castle. As my grandmother used to say, "A little dirt never killed anyone."