Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Nine months

Today is my cutie pie Harry's nine month birthday. I have to say that all things considered Harry has been a wonderful addition to the family. People say how hard having two kids is but honestly I have not felt that way one bit. There have been a few adjustments but my lifestyle has not changed all that drastically. I guess once you have one kid adding more is not that huge of a deal. The big change comes from being you to being you and mommy after that things just snap into place.

Harry is a whopping 20 pounds. He is basically average when you look at the charts but when he is compared to Evan at the same age he is a moose. Evan didn't hit 20 pounds until he was over a year old. I kind of wish that Harry was not too chunky because he is getting to be a pain to carry around. I do love his chubby thighs so I guess I will have to put up with my chunky little man.

The pediatrician remarked on how alike my boys look and I have to honestly say that I really do not see it. They have the same hair color but that is about it. Harry is a chubbin with blue eyes and thinner hair. Evan was a wiry little guy with a thick head of hair and tons of teeth. Maybe I am blind or something but I just don't see it.


Baby & Mom blog said...

Happy 9 months to your little guy! They both sound sooo precious! :)

chelle said...

It is so nice to read being pregnant with our second child, that you did not find it hard to go from one to two!
Even if your boys do look similar, to you they will always be uniquely special!

Dr. A said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Thought I would do the same. Great pics and great blog. I'm going to add you to my bloglist, if that's ok with you. Happy Birthday Harry!

Gina said...

Happy nine months to Harry!

Whew, yeah, 20 pounds would be heavy to carry, but they are so cute with their chubby legs and cheeks!