Monday, August 28, 2006

Why, oh why?

I have a feeling that there are a million toddlers that wear size 2T pajamas out there. I have been having the hardest time finding decent ones in that size for Evan. It started this summer when he out grew his old ones and I needed to get him his lighter summer pajamas.

I am pretty picky and I prefer cotton pajamas so pretty much I am stuck with Carter's or the off brand Carter's that they sell at Walmart or Target. I prefer the cotton ones because the polyester are just to scratchy and loaded with flame retardant chemicals. I am not particularly worried about any of the kids spontaneously combusting so I stick with close fitting cotton.

It is just barely the beginning of spring when I start my quest for the spring pajamas and already things are picked pretty clean. At Target I manage to find two sets of two in Evan's size so I go home mildly happy.

Later on during our vacation to Utah we are shopping again for PJ's because I forgot to pack some for Evan. We look and look but the pickings are even slimmer. We settle for a pair of Carter's knock offs and a set that have the car from the movie Cars on it. That set turned out super fun because after one washing the too big shorts shrunk to just right and the shirt turned into a belly shirt. Plus they were much more expensive than a set of my favorite Carter's knock offs.

For the upcoming winter I thought I would be prepared and I shopped ahead of time even though I prefer to wait for sales. I snagged some nice long sleeved cotton PJ's at Target no problem. I also wanted to get him some blanket sleepers since he could finally wear them again. This time only Carter's would do. They have some really nice microfiber sleepers that hold up nice and are ultra cute.

We made the trip to the outlet store. I see the clerk there that knows me by sight and insists on holding awkward conversations with me so I try and hide while searching for what I want. I search and search, for the toddler sizes. All I see is the 12 month and 18 month sizes but the other pile only had size 4 and up. After a bit of digging I finally find the toddler sizes hidden behind the infant sizes. I dig and dig some more and manage to only scare up a grand total of two 2t sized sleepers.

Evan starts throwing a temper tantrum because he can't steal the toy of another little girl so I take him out of the store leaving my husband to pay for the pajamas. I was not to thrilled with the designs, but by then I didn't care. At least I avoided the clerk. I just want to know where all those toddlers are that are wearing the pajama styles that I wanted.

Evan is very impressed with his pajamas that have "shoes" on them.


chelle said...

aww those PJ's adorable!! I always get the two piece sets from Old Navy or the Gap. Soft and wear forever!

Awesome Mom said...

I will have to check out Old Navy. I don't go there that often so I forget that they have kids clothing.

chichimama said...

Yep, old navy. They run small though. And I guess I had better get my rear over to carters, I always forget and get left out of the great PJ rush.

Oh, and the lands end overstocks was having a huge blowout on winter jammies last time I checked, blanket sleepers for 7.99 and such.