Sunday, August 20, 2006

Things I find funny

Evan, when he was a baby, was a breath holder. He would turn an impressive shade of blue while holding his breath when he became very ticked off. He grew out of it pretty quickly due to way his blood had to circulate after his second heart surgery. I didn't expect this, but Harry has followed in his brother's footsteps but has added his own hilarious twist to it.

Harry will do the standard breath holding, turning blue (which is impressive for a heart healthy child) but he will actually almost pass out. I will be getting him a bottle ready and he will be in the other room freaking out because he does not have his food ready right this second and I will hear nothing for a bit and then a thump from Harry falling over. Shuddering breaths will follow as he realizes that he needs to breathe to live.

I just find it hilarious when he does this. Don't ask me why because I have no idea why. Harry is generally a pretty mellow guy but when he gets mad he goes from mellow to pissed in 60 seconds. He was like that from birth. He would be sleeping peacefully and then bam! He was hungry and screaming bloody murder. There was none of that rooting around sucking on the fist stuff that the baby books talk about.

It will be interesting to see how this shows up when he becomes a toddler, who are notorious for being extremely changeable any way. I am anticipating some great tempertantrums from him. I think that I am going to have to buy a video camera soon so that I will have some blackmail videos for his teen years.


chelle said...

Wow! You rock for not freaking out about it! Great patience mom!

Kristi said...

The holding the breath thing just makes me laugh. I just say, "Fix your face. You look crazy." Sometimes that works. Or I just laugh and walk away. I tell them to come and see me when they're done. That works more often.

Keeping the sense of humor about it is the key. :)

happy mommy said...

One of my kids did this when they were younger. It used to freak me out! Then my nurse sister-in-law told me it was very common, she saw it all the time in the ER. Calmed me down some...

p.s. I like your blog's new look!