Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bargain hunting

I think that by now you all know that I am a huge fan of bargain hunting. My husband and I furnished the majority of our apartment with our garage sale finds when we got married. When I got pregnant it was only natural that we would get a lot of our baby things the same way. We did but some things new but a lot of it was used. We still go out now and then but have not had the time lately to do many garage sales. I am also very fond of clearance and sales when I am looking for things. I have to say that this is my favorite all time bargain.

What is your favorite find?


chelle said...

A co-worker gave us our change table and that was the best piece ever!!

I also bought some outdoor play structures off ebay for great prices!

GoofyJ said...

I have to say one if my best finds was last year not too long after Jacob was home from the hospital. On a Sat. morning I slipped out for a much needed break and went garage saling. I passed an unmarked sale that had some barstools I had been looking for for our counter so I stopped. The mom was pulling out a big box of Precious Moments pieces, which I love and collect (occasionally, usually too epxensive for my blood). We got to talking and she found out I was a piano teacher, had heard about me from a couple mutual friends/students, and had heard all about Jacob. She gave me the entire box (with about 24 figurines in it or so) for $20! I tried to refuse, but she wouldn't let me.
And the best thing, we became really close friends! :) That has to be my best find. :)