Sunday, August 20, 2006

Part of a conversation I overheard while my husband was talking on the phone with his mother

H: What did you want to do for Thanksgiving this year? What did we do last year? I can't remember.

Me butting in: We had Harry!

H: Oh yeah, that's right we had Harry!


chelle said...

Men are so silly!

Gina said...

Ha! That is funny. How quickly they forget!

GoofyJ said...

lol! Been catching up on your blog. Cool new layout by the way! Everytime I turn around you are doing something new! I love it. :) That is so funny about Harry holding his breath, it would crack me up too, unless actually succeeded in knocking himself out, then I would freak a little. :)

Great news about Evan's feeding tube. Glad that it isn't something you have to worry about and that no damage was done when it came out. I'm sure it is very nice not having to work around it.

Oh, and I thought your baby pics were adorable. :)

Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...

That's funny - my hubby is the same way.